Cat-Shaped Lamp Can Shoot Light From The Eyes And We’re Not Sure If It’s Beautiful Or Creepy

If you are a cat person you will surely appreciate a home decor which design is inspired by feline shape and appearance. Here we have this unique cat-shaped lamp that is built in a way and form of an unordinary lamp in a shape of a cat which illuminates the room through the cat’s eyes.

The cat-shaped lamp is the result of cooperation between two studios – studio job and Italian design brand seletti. Their common passion for unconventional design gave the first result after a year of joint work in a form of Fenix – a cat-shaped lamp.

Fenix will be showcased during Stockholm furniture and light fair. The Italian brand will have a debut at this Scandinavian event with this out-of-the-ordinary product.

As you’re about to see in the photos in the gallery below, Fenix is available in several variations. There are white cat-shaped lamp and its opposite – elegant black. In case you can decide between these two extremes there is Fenix with white spots on black fur.

Fenix – a cat-shaped lamp designed by Studio job and Seletti

cat-shaped lamp 1 (1)

An unconventional cat design lamp illuminates the room through the cat’s eyes.

cat lamp 2 (1)

The cat-shaped lamp is inspired by Job Smeet’s cat.

cat lamp 3 (1)

Felix is available in three different versions: black, white, and a spotted black and white one.

cat-shaped lamp 4 (1)


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