Vegetables Suck, Eat This Delicious Brownie In a Mug Instead


Who doesn’t love brownies? Seriously who doesnt? Show yourself! So we all could have a big laugh at you! Yeah i said it, if you don’t like delicious brownies than what are you doing here?! Go eat a vegetable or something, geez. Hmm…sorry about that people. I’m a huge chocolate fan so things get emotional. Getting back on track, so below you can learn how to make the easiest brownie in a mug you will ever make. Takes like 5 minutes to make and it actually tastes really good. So are your ready? Start reading and tell us in the comments if it was good

brownie in a mug 1

brownie in mug 2

brownie in mug 3 brownie in mug 4

brownie in mug 5 brownie in mug 6

brownie in a mug 7

brownie in a mug 8

Source: Imgur