Boy Giving Loving First Hugs To Stray Dogs In Thailand Will Warm Your Heart

Some say that dogs don’t enjoy hugs and that hugging is something owners do often not realizing that their pooch is not enjoying it as we think. 

They say hugging is actually attacking their personal space. As a dog owner, I strongly disagree with this opinion cause my dog do enjoy hugs as much as a human. He is a real snuggle bug and he couldn’t be happier pooch then while receiving loving hugs from his owner.

You may agree or disagree about this issue, but the fact is stray dogs never get hugged. From my point of view, it’s kinda sad. One boy who goes by the name M panu from Thailand thought this as well and started giving love to these unfortunate animals through hugging. 

The reactions of street dogs being hugged for the first time are simply amazing and you can check them out in the video and photos below. He named the project, ‘The First Hug,’ and showed the world the amount of love the stray dogs gave him once he started hugging them.

Dogs being hugged for the first time in their life by a noble boy

Under his project, ‘The First Hug,’ he showed the amount of love the stray dogs gave him once he started hugging them.

boy hugs stray dogs in thailand 2

They realized he meant no harm to them and started giving back the love.

boy hugs stray dogs in thailand 3

It’s adorable how this dog relaxed once he figured out these hugs are safe and lovable.

boy hugs stray dogs in thailand 4

The power of love is amazing and all creatures in the world need it and should receive it, do you agree?

boy hugs stray dogs in thailandWhat do you think about this interesting project and hugging the stray dogs? We are eager to hear your thoughts on this topic, so please share them with us in the comment section.

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