13 Problems Only People With Big Booty Can Understand

Some ladies just have a little bit more in their trunk, some find it a blessing while others might look at it as the worst thing ever. But it’s for sure that everyday tasks get a little bit more complicated when you have a booty, knocking stuff over, always being in the way and people always keep asking you ridiculous questions about it like it was some kind of diploma.

Wherever you are blessed, or lucky, depending on how you look at it, below are 12 things that prove the struggle is way too real for a gal with big booty:

1: You’re always knocking stuff over

You have a big butt, it’s a package deal

BIG BOOTY problems 6

2: Constant wedgie

There’s just too much cheeks for your underwear

BIG BOOTY problems 2

3: People assume you’re a fantastic dance

Or at least great at twerking

BIG BOOTY problems 3

4: Walking up stairs requires a lot of space

BIG BOOTY problems 4

5: Your tights are always see-through

BIG BOOTY problems 5

6: And you’re always showing just a little bit too much crack

booty 2

7: Squeezing to small areas is just a struggle.

People are gonna get hurt, and i don’t feel bad about it


8: People keep making the same joke about you

OMG look at her butt, yeah, funny… even in the 100th time i heard it

BIG BOOTY problems 7

9: People really want to touch it

Is it firm? Is it real? The people want to know!

BIG BOOTY problems 8

10: Going shopping for clothes…pshh forget about it

BIG BOOTY problems 9

11: Sitting in most public places is the worst thing ever!

BIG BOOTY problems 10

12: Catcallers save their best lines just for you

Because a butt like yours require special attention

BIG BOOTY problems 11

13: Butt dialing your friends is an everyday thing

BIG BOOTY problems 12

But maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on our booty, after all, big booty is really an asset

BIG BOOTY problems 13

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