28 Mr Burns Quotes That Will Make You Laugh And Mad At The Same Time

Montgomery Burns. The famous greedy character from the hit TV show The Simpsons is one of the most controversial characters in television history. Mr burns quotes has and are still are some of the cruelest and funniest in existence. When the billionaire from Springfield says something, you know it’s going to be funny or just mean. But that’s why we love him. You gotta have the bad guy, in every movie or TV show, someone has to be the bad guy right? Thing is, Mr burns actually became popular over the years with his witty sense of humor and sayings that are just unique to him, and that voice, the voice of pure evil right?

The character is so relatable because everyone has that boss they hate, and we think, people love him because it makes them think of their own job and say ” Hey, my boss is not that bad, so i’m lucky “. Browse through these 28 mr burns one liners and remember that your life is not that bad. On the flip side, please check out these Joe Rogan quotes to fill your day with positivity

1. Mr Burns is a funny guy

mr burns quotes 1 (1)

2. You fools!

mr burns quotes 2 (1)

3. Burns knows how to use his money

mr burns quotes 3 (1)

4. My favorite Mr Burns one liners on this list

mr burns sayings 4 (1)

5. Just another one of mr burns sayings

mr burns sayings 5 (1)

6. Never dies but always the same old age

mr burns sayings 6 (1)

7. Awesome picnic day

mr burns sayings 7 (1)

8. Mr burns not updated with times

mr burns sayings 8 (1)

9. He almost got away with it

mr burns one liners 9 (1)

10. Old age has gotten him too

mr burns one liners 10 (1)

11. Does any one else love these mr burns old timey quotes

mr burns one liners 11 (1)

12. Yes, you’re that guy

mr burns one liners 12 (1)

13. Yeah, you just keep waiting in there until that happens

mr burns one liners 13 (1)

14. Another excellent mr burns quote about success

mr burns old timey quotes 14 (1)

15. You just proved their point

mr burns old timey quotes 15 (1)

16. Burns works in mysterious ways

mr burns old timey quotes 16 (1)

17. He never showed love for anyone

mr burns old timey quotes 17 (1)

18. Mt burns sayings just keep getting weirder and weirder

mr burns old timey quotes 18 (1)

19. He never gets what he wants

mr burns insults 19 (1)

20. What the hell?!

mr burns insults 20 (1)

21. LMAO! Cruel

mr burns insults 21 (1)

22. Crazy Mr Burns is the funniest one

mr burns insults 22 (1)

23. How much can Smithers take?

mr burns insults 23 (1)

24. Mr Burns insults are always on point

mr burns insults 24 (1)

25. There’s a certain way to behave when you have billions

mr burns insults 26 (1)mr burns insults 30 (1)

26. LOL is that how you called it back in the day

mr burns quotes 27 (1)

27. The most famous quote by Mr Burns ever

mr burns quotes 31 (1)

28. Now that’s power

mr burns quotes 29 (1)

Do you any other animated character that has more famous quotes than Mr Burns? We don’t think so.


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