The Asian Aging Process Explained In 6 Photos

Some of you might have realized that Asian women don’t seem to age like the rest of the world. They’re usually very little, petite beings who keep their same natural beauty through the years. You’ve seen it in movies and even in real life and you’re not probably the only one to acknowledge this fact. So, anyways, what is it that they have and help them preserve their youth and beauty from aging. Is it something to do with their culture, their history of body care and their legacy? Is it just in their DNA? Well, some answers could be formulated:

  1. Genetical inheritance: their skin type ages more slowly and they usually don’t grow up much, meaning they stay the same as they looked like in high school and they have genetics to thank for that. You could also thank genetics for helping them have almost the same weight throughout their lives. It is usually considerable weight fluctuations that make people seem older
  2. A culture that prizes fair skin and avoids tanning: Asian women are keen on keeping away from getting a nice tan. They have a whole culture of natural beauty products and beauty techniques that tend to the skin and keep it elastic, white and perfect.
  3. You have little experience with Asian people so it seems to you they don’t age: People are different all over the globe to their cultural inheritance, natural phenomena, geography, DNA and so on. It is quite hard to know every culture and people on this Earth at a reasonable good level so you can pass judgement and make such a generalization like this, after all.
  4. Different diet: Food can also have a great influence on how people age, feel and look like.

So, whatever the reasons, there is a fact: Asian women are beautiful and we thank God for that!

Here’s the average asian aging process


asian aging process 1 (1)

asian aging process 2 (1)

asian aging process 3 (1)

asian aging process 4 (1)

asian aging process 5 (1)

asian aging process 6 (1)

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