15 Creepy Baby Dolls That Are So Realistic They Can Play In Movies

There is a whole trend of creepy dolls. They’re called “Reborns” because they are supposed to look like real babies – That sort of dolls that you can have play a baby in a low budget movie. The problem is real life is something different from movies and I can’t really see where these realistic baby dolls would fit in our daily routine. Here are some 15 realistic creepy baby dolls that are wrong somehow. We can’t tell how or why, but they’re really creepy. See for yourselves!

1. Elyse

What did they do to her?

creepy baby dolls 1 (1)


2. DIY Beginner Kit

So this is how you practice having a baby these days?

creepy baby dolls 2 (1)


3. Garett

His name is Garett and he is a little baby doll. Babies can’t play with him because he’s not Barbie and parents…what do parents do with him?

creepy baby dolls 3 (1)


4. Graham

The baby dolls making process is getting too far, don’t you think?

creepy baby dolls 4 (1)


5. Katie

Great, a preterm baby. What did they think? “Let’s make a little, little baby doll that had a preterm birth. Wouldn’t that be cute?”

creepy baby dolls 5 (1)


6. Coco-Malu

He looks like an optimistic little fella’, but why would you make him in a doll? I mean…I give up.

creepy baby dolls 6 (1)


7. Cindy

Poor little Cindy, she is just a doll, a creepy doll and that little blue bow on her head…why, people? Why?

creepy baby dolls 7 (1)


8. Devon

This little fella’ here looks like a very sick baby doll. Why would you want to have a doll of a baby that looks sick? Who did this?

creepy baby dolls 8 (1)


9. Sleep Infant

This is how a sleeping baby really looks like. If you want to trick your parents into thinking you have one, go for it. Otherwise…

creepy baby dolls 9 (1)


10. Ming

One thing I like about Ming…his suit. It’s really cute. Now, I don’t understand why he has his eyes closed, that sweated hair and what appears to be a running nose. Or is Ming a girl? I don’t know, but If I were a kid, I wouldn’t play with Ming.

creepy baby dolls 10 (1)


11. Custom Doll

The level of natural this doll has is mind blowing. Still, why would you buy one?

creepy baby dolls 11 (1)


12. Leah

For those of you who always wanted a Chinese baby doll…

creepy baby dolls 12 (1)


13. Juliet

Juliet is a beautiful baby. Up close she looks a little scary. On the inside, she’s just a doll.

creepy baby dolls 13 (1)



She’s asleep and I can’t get it out of my head that she’s just a doll.

creepy baby dolls 14 (1)


15. Buttercup

This baby looks insanely real. So real, it hurts your eyes.

creepy baby dolls 15 (1)


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