All Couples Should Look At These 18 Hilarious Relationship Goals

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There are so many articles online about dating advice and relationship advice or goals, we are seriously so fed up with it, we just want to love and live you know. That’s why when we see images like the ones below of some of the most hilarious relationship goals pictures, we have to share them with our audience.

Couples who laugh together, stay together, it’s a fact that may or may not be backed by science, but we are pretty sure it’s true. So next time you want to prank your girlfriend but think she will just get mad, don’t hold yourself back. Go for it, and you might be surprised just how much of a sense of humor she really has, but make sure you can stand the heat, because girls will want to get even and they can be really mean.

1. Heard my boyfriend giggling to himself in the bathroom last night, woke up to this. That, my friends, is a lint roller refill

relationship goals 1

2. I bumped my head last night. This is how my wife packed my lunch today

relationship goals 2

3. My boyfriend pinched my ass at exactly the right time

relationship goals 3

4. My husband is an asshole

relationship goals 4

5. My girlfriend thinks highly of me

relationship goals 5

6. Asked my girlfriend to buy some sexy lingerie, this is what she came home with…

relationship goals 6

7. Sometimes, I like when my wife walks in from work to something ridiculous

relationship goals 7

8. I love that we dislike the same people

relationship goals 8

9. Had a bad day, boyfriend ordered me a pizza for delivery and told them to write a dirty joke on the box

relationship goals 9

10. Just scared the living crap out of my girlfriend

relationship goals 10

11. Never leave your man alone again.

hilarious relationship goals 15 (1)

hilarious relationship goals  16 (1)

12. ” My boyfriend printed his face on my towel “

hilarious relationship goals 11 (1)

13. Is this better than flowers? YES!

hilarious relationship goals 12 (1)

14. Rude, but creative

hilarious relationship goals 13 (1)

15. Can you honestly say you’re no turned on? Don’t lie

hilarious relationship goals 14 (1)


hilarious relationship goals 16 (1)

17. Who says love doesn’t exist.

hilarious relationship goals 17 (1)

18. I need to sleep with this every night

hilarious relationship goals 18 (1)

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