A Pink Dolphin Was Spotted Near Louisiana’s Coast


Believe it or not, there are pink dolphins in this world. Meet Pinky the mythical-looking dolphin that is capturing the hearts of the internet. While you typically used to seeing dolphins in the usual grey or blueish color,Pinky is actually pink! Although this phenomenon is pretty rare , Pinky is not the only one in the world, pink dolphins are mostly seen in the Amazon River , but you can still see them in other areas around the world, this explaines why Pinky was spotted in Louisiana’s coast. There are some biologists that say Pinky’s pink color is due to a genetic condition that causes her blood veins to be right under her skin, causing the pink color. Back in 2007 Pinky was spotted by Calacasieu Charter service’s Captain Erik Rue when she was just a baby swimming with her mother, 10 years later, now, Pinky may be a mom herself and once again the Captain was the one ti spot her when she was swimming with a dolphin friend.


rare pink dolphin 1

rare pink dolphin 2

rare pink dolphin 3

rare pink dolphin 4

Source: MyModernMet