9 Drunk Vs Sober Illustrations That Show How The World Changes When You’re Drunk

drunk vs sober feat

These drunk vs sober illustrations below will perfectly show the differences between how you see things while you’re drunk, compared to how they really are for everyone else, or even you when you’re sober. Now please don’t confuse this gallery with how things change when you’re sober vs drunk, it’s two different things.

This gallery shows the differences of how things look to someone who is currently drunk and how the same things actually look to a sober person. Honestly, i had way worse illusions after i drink a few shots of vodka on my birthday and the world quickly changed.

Usually things go back to normal after a good night sleep and some hair of the dog, but sometimes if you drink so hard and for long periods of time, you start seeing things that aren’t there even if you’re currently sober ( Or just think you are ). You get the point of this gallery, all the work is done by the popular site College Humor and we are just re-publishing it here adding our two cents in.

1. Drunk vs Sober #1 is a classic

drunk vs sober 1


2. Why is the world spinning? Make it stop please!

drunk vs sober 2

3. Drinking turns the world into a better place

drunk vs sober 3

4. This is how you think it is. Vs how it really is. See you in the hospital

sober vs drunk 4

5. Browsing the web sober vs drunk

sober vs drunk 5


6. When you’re drunk you think Jerry Seinfeld has nothing on you

sober vs drunk 6

7. Classic drunk prank everyone pulled on their friends

sober vs drunk 7

8. Writing online drunk vs sober

sober vs drunk 8

9. When you’re drunk a club bouncer looks like a nazi

drunk vs sober 9

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