58 Reasons To Visit China That Perfectly Make Sense

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Discover 58 reasons to visit China. We are not sure about the last one, but you should try that, too, in order to see where we’re going, where our world is going to end up one way or another. Anyways, China is a big country, but its wonders are even bigger than you would expect.

From incredible colorful lakes, forests, to cloudy mountains, strange statues, crowded ancient cities, to mysterious valleys and rivers, even the sunsets look better here than anywhere in the world. Don’t believe us? Just scroll down! You will immerse yourself in a journey to another world

1. Tianzi Mountains. One thing that comes in mind: Bungee Jumping?

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Richard Janecki


2. Huanglong and our eyes go turquoise

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3. Zhangye Danxia Landform In Gansu. Who painted those?

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4. Detian Falls and this is what heaven really looks like

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5. Thousand Islands Lake named for the many small rocky islands that dot its surface

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6. The Great Wall and all its secrets

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Jac D

7. Huangshan, Anhui. Quite scary

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KM CHeng

8. Pearl Shoal Waterfall, Jiuzhaigou. Feel like taking a dive?

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9. Maijishan Grottoes. Scary, but beautiful

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10. Yangtze River and its wonders

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11. Red Beach, Panjin. The biggest wetland and reed marsh in the world

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12. Zhangye. It looks like a video game with high graphics

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13. Libo. This… leaves us speechless

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Simon Long


14. Road To Tianmen Mountains, Zhangjiajie. Wanna’ go for a ride?

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Peter Cheung

15. Where The Great Wall Ends. Into the sea

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16. Yangshuo, Xingping, Guangxi Province. Where does all this marvel come from?

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Peter Stewart

17. Yuanyang Rice Terraces, Yunnan. Like an impressionist painting

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Jon Bratt

18. Buddhist Temple. You need to see one live

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Konstantin Iagoudine


19. Abandoned Village, Goqui Island, Shengsi, Zhoushan. I haven’t seen anything so green in my entire life.

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Jane Qing

20. Qiongkushitai Village,turks County, Yili Xinjiang. Is this real world?

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Adam Chen

21. Jiuzhaigou Valley And National Park Located In Northern Sichuan Province Of Southwestern China. Green seems to be born here

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22. Dushanzi Grand Canyon, Xinjiang Province. Beware the Grand Canyon of China.

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BJ Yang

23. Blue Moon Valley. Some sort of miracle seems to be happening here

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24. Like in a Led Zeppelin song: Stairway To Heaven, Huangshan

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Roy Cheung

25. Li River. Full of mysteries it seems

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Weerapong Chaipuck

26. Yuantouzhu,wuxi. Did I just die and arrived to heaven?

china is cool 26 (1)


27. Like a perfect painting: Sunset In Hemu Village

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Wilson Chong

28. Crescent Moon Lake At Dunhuang. Wan to take a stroll down there?

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Teerayut Chaisarn

29. Larung Gar. So many hearts beating on the same square meter

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Christian Lindgr

30. Shilin Geopark. It looks like a fairies’ land!

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31. Jiuzhaigou Valley. A nature reserve and national park that will brighten your heart

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Konstantin Iagoudine

32. The Hanging Monastery Outside Of Datong. Pray and wonder!

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Suchet Suwanmongkol

33. Canola Flower Fields. This quiet area of Yunnan County transforms into a fantastic sea of yellow

traveling to china is like 33 (1)+Lanzi

34. Long Lake, Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan. The bluest of the blue waters

traveling to china is like 34 (1)Sophie et Fred

35. Hidden Mountain Village In Southern China. Shh. Can you keep a secret?

traveling to china is like 35 (1)Christian Ortiz

36. Shunan Zhuhai, Bamboo Sea. Dare to enter.

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37. Leshan Giant Buddha. Behold the giant of China.

traveling to china is like 37 (1)flyerizer.com

38. Red Land, Dongchuan, Yunnan. Fill your eyes with colours and your heart with joy.

traveling to china is like 38 (1)Ning Zhang

39. Fenghuang County. Go there and be amazed.

traveling to china is like 39 (1)Yves Andre

40. Fishermen At Golden Sunset. The best-looking sunset of them all

china is beautiful 40 (1)Jia Han Dong

41. The Dragon Bridge Along The Yulong River, Yangshuo. You’ve got to visit China for this.

china is beautiful 41 (1)Marko Stavric

42. Ferry At Work As A Public Transportation On River. The red lights are always bright

china is beautiful 42 (1)James Khoo

43. Hangzhou, Xi Hu. A must-see that you can’t miss

china is beautiful 43 (1)www.google.com.hk

44. Seaweed Cultivation In Fujian Province. It looks strange, but oddly beautiful

china is beautiful 44 (1)George Doupas

45. Field Worker At Rice Fields. The simple things in life are what matters

china is beautiful 45 (1)Marin Tomic

46. A Qj Doubleheader Blasted Uphill To Shangdian On The Jitong Tielu. Where snow and smoke meat

china is beautiful 46 (1)Frühtau

47. Land Between Russia, Siberia And China Xinjiang. Some sort of beautiful No Man’s Land

I want to visit china 47 (1)YS Lee

48. Changbaishan Tianchi Lake or how to take your breath away

I want to visit china 48 (1)

49. Elephant Trunk Hill Li River Guilin. From a first glance, it looked like a train tunnel

I want to visit china 49 (1)

50. Terracotta Army, Lintong, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China. We all know these guys

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51. Tibet Lhasa 3 600 m high, on top of the world.

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52. The Dying Art Of Fishing With Cormorants, Yangshuo. Quiet nights like this are worth living for

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53. Danba, Western Sichuan Province. Heaven on Earth

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54. May Fourth Square, Qingdao. This looks like the skyscrapers are coming in to steal the beach from the sea. Anyways, it looks great

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55. Cool Place In China. We don’t really know where in China it is, but it definitely looks amazing.

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56. Zhaoxing Village, Guizhou Province. It looks like there’s a lot of history hidden here

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57. May Fourth Square, Qingdao. This looks like the skyscrapers are coming in to steal the beach from the sea. Anyways, it looks great

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58. Pollution. Now, I don’t really know why you would like to visit China to experience pollution

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