52 Funny Celebrity Name Puns To Make You Feel Better About Your Ordinary Life


We, the normal people, have something in common with celebrities: names. Yeah, no matter how famous and out-of-this world these celebrities look like, they still have to be called by a name and that name is not always the best, easiest to pronounce or the most majestic ever.

Sometimes, their names are just like ours: the butt of jokes and puns. So, today we’re going to present you 25 best celebrity name puns to have a good laugh about it and make us feel better about our ordinary lives. It’s easy. Just enjoy.

1. With or without her spoon, she is still the gorgeous Reese

Funny Celebrity Name Puns 1 (1)


2. East or West, which way kanye go?

Funny Celebrity Name Puns 2 (1)

3. When Selena says you stop, you stop. When she says you go, you go

Funny Celebrity Name Puns 3 (1)

4. The hat goes all the way

Funny Celebrity Names 4 (1)

5. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it pours, sometimes it’s rainn wilson

Funny Celebrity Names 5 (1)


6. The son and the daughter, all in one. What a deal!

Funny Celebrity Names 6 (1)

7. She’s a little girl with a grande voice

Funny Celebrity Names 7 (1)

8. The silhouette is here

Funny Celebrity Names 8 (1)

9. Still Terminator

Funny Celebrity Names 9 (1)


10. Between kneeling and standing is a little big difference, don’t you think?

Funny Celebrity Puns 10 (1)

11. He usually plays the foe, but when he wants to, he can also be “dafriend”

Funny Celebrity Puns 11 (1)

12. But still a goddam dame

Funny Celebrity Puns 12 (1)

13. Two Beyonces will be too much to handle, right?

Funny Celebrity Puns 13 (1)


14. Too big a difference?

Funny Celebrity Puns 14 (1)

15. Sometimes you are civilized, sometimes just a little bit wilde

Funny Celebrity Puns 15 (1)

16. Robert De Niro or Robert De Faro?

Funny Celebrity Name jokes 16 (1)

17.  There is a time for everything, lively or dreary

Funny Celebrity Name jokes 17 (1)

18. Like a swan, touched for the very first time

Funny Celebrity Name jokes 18 (1)


19. Niall runs and then comes back walking. It’s his destiny

Funny Celebrity Name jokes 19 (1)


20. One woman by day, another woman by night. What a complicated business!

Funny Celebrity Name jokes 20 (1)

21. From right to left, left to right

Funny Celebrity Name jokes 21 (1)

22. He always leaves, but usually comes back, John Wick style

Funny Celebrity Name mixes 22 (1)

23. He likes walking more, I think

Funny Celebrity Name mixes 23 (1)

24. Han can do it in group as well

Funny Celebrity Name mixes 24 (1)


25. She had a little too much of that…

Funny Celebrity Name mixes 25 (1)


26. Daniel Radcliffe – Best celebrity name pun on this list

funny celebrity name mixes 26 (1)

27. Bear Grills

funny celebrity name mixes 27 (1)

28. Jonah Hill

funny celeb name puns 28 (1)

29. Clint Westwood

funny celeb name puns 30 (1)

30. The Back-Slash

funny celeb name puns 31 (1)

31. Parah Salin

funny celeb name puns 32 (1)

32. Why would Elijah Wood Wouldn’t

funny celeb name puns 33 (1)

33. Gary Oldman looks the same for 50 years

funny celeb name puns 34 (1)

34. Glenn Close but no cigar

funny famous name puns 35 (1)

35. Tom Hardy is a big softy to be honest

funny famous name puns 36 (1)

36. James didn’t

funny famous name puns 37 (1)

37. Jazy Snooze

funny famous name puns 38 (1)

38. John Goodman can be bad too

funny famous name puns 39 (1)

39. Matt LeNoir

funny famous name puns 40 (1)

40. Michael bassfender

funny famous people name puns 41 (1)

41. Neil Young vs Neil old

funny famous people name puns 42 (1)

42. Rob Lowe

funny famous people name puns 43 (1)

43. Don’t be mad Rupert

funny famous people name puns 44 (1)

44. Ryan Goose is a gift for the humans

funny famous people name puns 45 (1)

45. Yes, 50 cents has a ridiculous name

funny famous people name puns 46 (1)

46. Give this man a coat damnit!

lol celebrity name puns 47 (1)

47. Hipsthor

lol celebrity name puns 48 (1)

48. Tom Cruise – they see me rollin, they hatin’

lol celebrity name puns 49 (1)

49. Butler. LOL

lol celebrity name puns 50 (1)

50. Will domesticated is better

lol celebrity name puns 51 (1)

51. Oh Woody, what’s with your hair man

funny celebrity name puns 52 (1)

52. Angelina Jolie can be both sad and joyful

funny celebrity name puns 53 (1)

Did any of these hilarious celebrity name puns made you feel better about your own name? We sure hope so. If you loved these funny names, check out this list of 60 funny names of real people


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