50 Funny Life Hacks That Are So Good, They Make No Sense

Life hacks are what saves us from useless stress and activity. Life hacks is what helps us get from point A to point B using less energy. Life hacks are smart, are always on point. You know what life hacks are. It’s like you’re playing Grand Theft Auto, but with all the cheats so you can immediately get all the money in the word at just the push of a few passwords.

Anyways, if you’re not a fan of Grand Theft Auto, you can be, at least, a fan of these funny life hacks. But after scrolling down for these 50 pictures, you’ll become a fan of funny, laugh-hard, other-type of life hacks.  the type that makes no sense at all and really only exist for our amusement. Check them out below!

50. Woaaw! This guy is a genius

funny life hacks 1 (1)

49. You PC will definitely fly! Awesome life hack

funny life hacks 2 (1)

48. Pure logic. Seems legit!

funny day hacks 3 (1)

47 You’ve been wasting all that money on your nails, all these time

funny day hacks 4 (1)

46. Now, there’s no danger of stepping in a wet spot on the bathroom floor

funny day hacks 5 (1)

45. In case you can’t afford drugs, you can always…

funny day hacks 6 (1)

44. Breakfast on a budget

funny day hacks 7 (1)

43. Who wrote this?! No, this is almost too much. Who thought of this??? Who?

funny life tricks 8 (1)

42. If you didn’t know where Hot Dogs come from…

funny life tricks 9 (1)

41. Could you believe it?

funny life tricks 10 (1)

40. Some people need a high five. In the morning. With their toast

funny life tricks 11 (1)

39. BMW owners always have the solution

funny life tricks 12 (1)

38. This one is a little gross

funny life tips 13 (1)

37. Magic like this is hard to come by

funny life tips 14 (1)

36. Tips& Tricks

funny life tips 15 (1)

35. It all comes down to the damn presents

funny life tips 16 (1)

34. Forget flash apps. This is the right way to do it

funny life tips 17 (1)

33. This looks very solid!

funny hacks 18 (1)

32. The best solution has arrived. This life trick is pretty genius

funny hacks 19 (1)

31. You are an independent, confident, beautiful young men! Dress however you want, sir!

funny hacks 20 (1)

30. The perfect selfie stick. Have you ever thought of this?

funny hacks 21 (1)

29. They’re as good as new

funny hacks 22 (1)

28. Michael Jackson style, baby!

hilarious life hacks 23 (1)

27. This one is for the not-so-morning people

hilarious life hacks 24 (1)

26. Show everybody you’re a real hazard!

hilarious life hacks 25 (1)

25. Shift to “R” and be surprised!

hilarious life hacks 26 (1)

24. Problem solved. Now you can park wherever you want

hilarious life hacks 27 (1)

23. Because shrieking at the top of your lungs is less awkward than those poop sounds…

lol life hacks 28 (1)

22. The right way to do it is right here!

lol life hacks 29 (1)

20. The perfect medicine for all viruseslol life hacks 30 (1)

19. Yeah! Small kids… the best part is that you can fool them quite easily

lol life hacks 31 (1)

18. Damn! How could I have missed this?

lol life hacks 32 (1)

17. Yeah, but now we got waterproof phones

weird life hacks 33 (1)

16. A rattlesnake’s venom will make your hands look young again. This funny life hack should not be tried, seriously.

weird life hacks 34 (1)

15. This might actually be correct. Weird thing

weird life hacks 35 (1)

14.  The perfect warm rubber human touch you need is right here

weird life hacks 36 (1)

13. Perfect for shitty days

weird life hacks 37 (1)

12. Alright then…

dumb life hacks 38 (1)

11. “I’ve got my hands full of puppies. I’m sorry, I can’t help!”

dumb life hacks 39 (1)

10. I had no idea it is called The Stabilization Hole

dumb life hacks 40 (1)

9. So? Was this method tested?

dumb life hacks 41 (1)

8. Of course. No rattling sounds anymore. Let’s just listen to Metallica

dumb life hacks 42 (1)

7. Yeah, snakes can be very useful for your home…

stupid life hacks 43 (1)

6. Way much safer this way!

stupid life hacks 44 (1)

5. Sleep ’till noon and you’ll get rich faster. Or not?

stupid life hacks 45 (1)

4. And that’s how you cure your kids from fear of darkness

stupid life hacks 46 (1)

3. I knew cake was the foundation of everthing

stupid life hacks 47 (1)

2. Don’t be a smoker! Be a sparkler!

funny life hacks 48 (1)

1. I could never have thought of this. Thank you, Internet!

funny life hacks 49 (1)

These funny living hacks made no sense. But they were sure funny.


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