44 Only At Walmart Pictures That Proves How Weird This Shop Really Is

There are some things you can’t see everywhere. Some things can be found only at Walmart. And most of these things are scary, hilarious or just disturbing. Most people hate Walmart for all the messed up people you can see there. But I really think that’s also one of the reasons people keep coming back. And you can’t beat those prices.
You go to Walmart every now and then because you can get pretty good deals there most of the time. But there are other people who shop there that seem to have no self-awareness and they shop there all the time. I’m not really sure why these types of people shop at Walmart so often. It’s got to be some kind of conspiracy. Is there some secret rollback deal that they’re getting that nobody else knows about? I need to know because I’m going to need to go shopping soon.
Take a look at these pictures of people, things and events you’d only see at Walmart. Have you spotted anything this weird at Walmart?

1. Only at Walmart – A woman glued to toilet – Thank you, I’m out!

only at walmart (1)

2. Not really sure what i’m looking at, but i don’t like it

only at walmart 2 (1)

3. You must be so proud. Let me guess, Walmart parking lot right?

people at walmart 3 (1)

4. Why would you sell these? Why would you put this up?!

people at walmart 4 (1)

5. Just walking my pet crocodile, what’s the matter?

people at walmart 5 (1)

6. So you need to dress up when you shop at Walmart? Hmm

people at walmart 6 (1)

7. Not easy being easy, that’s new

people at walmart 7 (1)

8. Sure you are Walmart, Basic words just escape you

people at walmart 8 (1)

9. Buying a son? Only at Walmart people

people at walmart 9 (1)

10. OK, this is pretty much too much right?

people at walmart 10 (1)

11. Sons of people at Walmart don’t like to walk

people at walmart 11 (1)

12. Clothes, you heard of them?

people at walmart 12 (1)

13. That’s actually true.

weird people at walmart 13 (1)

14. Gangsta Gnomes you can only get at Walmart

weird people at walmart 14 (1)

15. OMG! 2 cent discount!!! Hurry up and stock up

weird people at walmart 15 (1)

16. Are you sure about that mister?

weird people at walmart 16 (1)

17. This is just embarrassing

weird people at walmart 17 (1)

18. I’m not surprised you got it wrong

weird people at walmart 18 (1)

19. Comeone girl, this is too much now

weird people at walmart 19 (1)

20. LMAO! How Appropriate

weird people at walmart 20 (1)

21. Do people get high at Walmart all the time?

weird people at walmart 21 (1)

22. A family of raccoons on the roof of the car

weird people at walmart 22 (1)

23. Patriotic man coming through

wtf at walmart 23 (1)

24. Just fix the car, it would have been cheaper

wtf at walmart 24 (1)

25. Not sure about this one, but it looks weird

wtf at walmart 25 (1)

26. This is what you teach for Black History Month?

wtf at walmart 26 (1)

27. Duck Dynasty underwear

wtf at walmart 27 (1)

28. LOL – love this picture

wtf at walmart 28 (1)

29. Again, seriously, the guy put in so much work into this, just fix the car!

wtf at walmart 29 (1)

30. Parent of the year right here

wtf at walmart 30 (1)

31. Awesome soda bottle arrangement

wtf at walmart 31 (1)

32. I hear that

wtf at walmart 32 (1)

33. Parents punishing their child like the know

hilarious walmart pictures 33 (1)

34. Working at Walmart is hard, i need a nap

hilarious walmart pictures 34 (1)

35. So..Wait, what?

hilarious walmart pictures 35 (1)

36. I want in on your night of fun

hilarious walmart pictures 36 (1)

37. After a murder someone i like to do some late night shopping

hilarious walmart pictures 37 (1)

38. Your kid must be so proud

hilarious walmart pictures 38 (1)

39. Hey, there’s a face growing out of your neck hair

hilarious walmart pictures 39 (1)

40. Jesus Christ! I am so scared right now

hilarious walmart pictures 40 (1)

41. You don’t put on clothes much right?

hilarious walmart pictures 41 (1)

42. Even the weird guys at Walmart are looking at this hair

hilarious walmart pictures 42 (1)

43. This should be an annual thing.

hilarious walmart pictures 43 (1)

44. You are never coming down

only at walmart 44 (1)

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