The 46 Best Of 4chan Threads You Never Knew You Needed To See

4chan is the internet’s dumping ground for weird, hilarious and messed up content. One of the most popular themes on 4chan is the green text stories. They’re mostly, if not all, the best of 4chan and made up or exaggerated. All you need to do to make a standard 4chan green text is speak in fragments, and use an ugly lime green text color.
Most green texts are funny or have a twist ending that you didn’t expect. But there have been a few times when a green text had no point or punchline of any kind. And I’ve seen a few that are sad or heartwarming and that bothers me. To me, 4chan is a place where the assholes of the internet go to make each other laugh. If you think about it, those people kind of run the whole show on the internet. 4chan green text is reposted all the time on many different platforms on the internet. That’s where the main source of humor is.
Here’s a list of some of the best of 4chan green texts on the internet. Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments section.

1. American english for you

best of 4chan (1)


2. Costanza in Paris – the best of 4chan

best of 4chan 2 (1)

3. Women’s logic

best of 4chan 3 (1)

4. Getting his girlfriend back

funny threads of 4chan 4 (1)

5. The funniest 4chan threads ever – xbox one

funny threads of 4chan 4good (1)


6. Dentist love this thing

funny threads of 4chan 5 (1)

7. Hunting for treasures

funny threads of 4chan 6 (1)

8. Best example of Thug Life

funny threads of 4chan 7 (1)

9. Putting on the mask

funny threads of 4chan 8 (1)


10. Anyone know what are Swedish Reenactors?

funny threads of 4chan 9 (1)

11. Subway’s revenge

funny threads of 4chan 10 (1)

12. Is this the best kick ever?

funny threads of 4chan 11 (1)

13. Funniest 4chan threads ever continues with this butter PC

funny threads of 4chan 12 (1)


14. Pranking seniors at it’s best

funniest threads of 4chan 13 (1)

15. OMG! The Shaq attack

funniest threads of 4chan 14 (1)

16. The only question to ask a satanist

funniest threads of 4chan 15 (1)

17. This is how you become the worst customer ever

funniest threads of 4chan 16 (1)

18. 4chan trying to be Reddit

funniest threads of 4chan 17 (1)


19. PS4 always had a secret plan

funniest threads of 4chan 18 (1)

20. Best pineapple prank ever

funniest threads of 4chan 19 (1)

21. How i met your mother ( just kidding, how i met my best friend )

funniest threads of 4chan 20 (1)

22. This is how you break your SO brain

funniest threads of 4chan 21 (1)

23. This is disgusting

funniest threads of 4chan 22 (1)

24. Asking 4chan to make him look cool – yup

funniest threads of 4chan 23 (1)

25. This dude is crazy!

best threads on 4chan 24 (1)

26. Weird ass friend

best threads on 4chan 25 (1)

27. Will do anything anyone asks in highschool

best threads on 4chan 26 (1)

28. Wanna prank trick or treaters? This is how

best threads on 4chan 27 (1)

29. /b/ girlfriend is a meat lover

best threads on 4chan 28 (1)

30. Things not to do during funerals

best threads on 4chan 29 (1)

31. This is the saddest story ever posted on 4chan

best threads on 4chan 30 (1)

32. forever!

best threads on 4chan 31 (1)

33. The fellowship of the cat

best threads on 4chan 32 (1)

34. This hits me right in my feels

best threads on 4chan 33 (1)

35. This is how 4chan talks about cows

best threads on 4chan 34 (1)

36. Christian Bale everybody

hilarious text of 4chan 35 (1)

37. This was way too close

hilarious text of 4chan 36 (1)

38. Everytime i visit the barber

hilarious text of 4chan 37 (1)

39. The life of a cashier

hilarious text of 4chan 38 (1)

40. Funny banana on the funny 4chan threads list

hilarious text of 4chan 39 (1)

41. Legendary thread

hilarious text of 4chan 40 (1)

42. Fuc*ing Candy Crush!!

hilarious text of 4chan 41 (1)

43. Just by looking at the picture i agree with this message

hilarious text of 4chan 42 (1)

44. I have no idea what i’m doing dog

hilarious text of 4chan 43 (1)

45. It’s all about the pancakes

hilarious text of 4chan 44 (1)

46. Playing with my snake

best of 4chan 45 (1)

The best of 4chan list will never be complete because the site continues to be updated all the time. But if you loved these pictures, please share with your friends.



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