41 Useless Facts You Totally Need To Know Right Now

Reading this article will not make you smarter or will not teach some useful stuff, but there is a possibility it will make you more awesome. One can live their life without knowing any of these useless facts like what interrobang or ferrule is, but just knowing it will enrich your life because you will be among very few people who actually know that. So, scroll down the gallery for some very useless facts and, who knows, maybe you’ll impress someone cute at a party…or not…you’ll see for yourself.

1. The heart of Blue whale is of such tremendous dimension that a small child could swim through its veins. The first on the useless facts list and a good one

useless facts 2 (1)

2. Do you know what “interrobang” is? Check out the pic below – a combination of an exclamation point and question mark.

useless facts 3 (1)

3. Pandiculating – stretching and yawning at the same time.

useless facts 4 (1)

4. How do you call the dot over i and j – it’s “title”.

worthless facts 5 (1)

5. And what about the metal part on a pencil? – it’s “ferrule.”

worthless facts 6 (1)

6. The same person is borrowing his voice to these two characters.

worthless facts 7 (1)

7. Tupac danced ballet in high school.worthless facts 8 (1)

8. Did you know that skin folds on elephants’ back are for crushing mosquitos?

worthless facts 9 (1)

9. -40 Celsius and -40 Fahrenheit are the same temperature.

worthless facts 10 (1)

10. The title for the largest penis (compared to its body) in the animal kingdom goes to barnacle.

worthless facts 11 (1)

11. A group of flamingos is a “flamboyance”.

worthless facts 12 (1)

12. And a group of pugs is a “grumble”.

worthless facts 13 (1)

13. Do you know Barbie’s full name? –  Barbara Millicent Roberts.

worthless facts 14 (1)

14. And real name of the Cookie Monster is Sid.

worthless facts 15 (1)

15. Donald Duck has a middle name?! Yup, it is “Fauntleroy.”

mind bending facts 16 (1)

16. The Humpty Dumpty rhyme never says he’s an egg.

mind bending facts 17 (1)

17. What is a “philtrum”? Check out the pointer at the pic below.

mind bending facts 18 (1)

18. A “zarf” keeps your hands safe while drinking hot coffee.

mind bending facts 19 (1)

19. Banana is a berry, strawberry isn’t.

mind bending facts 20 (1)

20. Here is where pineapples grow.

mind bending facts 21 (1)

21. And this is how cashews grow.

mind bending facts 22 (1)

22. The last time the Chicago Cubs won a world series the Ottoman Empire still existed

mind bending facts 23 (1)

23. What is “Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia”? A brain freeze

mind bending facts 24 (1)

24. Armadillos only give birth to quadruplets

mind bending facts 25 (1)

25. There’s no way in hell you can hum while holding your nose. Go ahead, try it

mind bending facts 26 (1)

26. You can actually play the popular Nintendo NES game Duck Hunt with two people. One controls the gun and the other the ducks

mind bending facts 27 (1)

27. There’s literally more chance of dying by a coconut falling on your head than being attacked and killed by a shark. This is good to know, not really what i would call part of the useless facts list

air head facts 28 (1)

28. There’s enough water in Lake Superior to cover north and south america in one sweep

air head facts 29 (1)

29. Horses never breath through their mouth

air head facts 30 (1)

30. I know you think they are, but ponies are not baby horses

air head facts 31 (1)

31. Both Adele and Lady Gaga are younger than Carly Rae Jepsen. Why would i want to know this?

air head facts 32 (1)

32. OK get this, more time has passed since the Tyrannosaurus rex and the stegosaurus lived together on this world than the time from where the Tyrannosaurus rex lived and now.

air head facts 33 (1)

33. This is the top of the useless facts list. Ohaio is the only state which doesn’t contain any letters in the word ” mackerel “

air head facts 34 (1)

34. People who make more money prefer their toilet paper to roll over the roll compared to people with less income who prefer it to go under.

air head facts 35 (1)

35. Gnurr is that lint that you find at the end of your pockets

air head facts 36 (1)

36. There are some animals like the western spotted skunk that can delay their pregnancies for months if they want.

air head facts 37 (1)

37. Sigmund Freud once said and believed that cocaine can treat morphine addiction

air head facts 38 (1)

38. Flamingos are pink because of what they eat. For example algae and shrimp that contain carotenoid pigments

air head facts 39 (1)

39. Wanna know a rough estimation of the temperature? You can do that by counting the times a cricket chirps in 15 seconds and add 37 to it.

air head facts 40 (1)

40. Every day, the US pizza industry serves up to 100 acres of pizza

useless facts 41 (1)

41. Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikigaisha. Now you know what that YKK means on your zipper jeans

useless facts



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