45 I Love You Images That Speak Louder Than Words

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Photography is a great art form to tell a story, and these i love you images are just that, telling a love story with pictures is a powerful way of letting people know your story without using any words. Do you know the famous saying ” a picture is worth a thousand words ” ? Well it could not be any more right in this case.

It doesn’t matter if you just love photography or are you right now in love with someone and want a creative way to show him or her you love them. Using pictures is the perfect way to express your love, just look at these adorable i love you pictures and share with us if you got excited too

1. A loving hug always say i love you right? The first of the i love you images

i love you images (1)


2. Summer love with a heart shape rock

i love you images 2 (1)

3. Love through the lens

i heart you images 3 (1)

4. Finding a leaf on the ground in the shape of a heart is a good sign of love

i heart you images 4 (1)

5. Boxing my love for you

i heart you images 5 (1)


6. A lot of people do heart shaped tattoos as to say ” i love you “

i heart you images 6 (1)

7. Heart shaped stars

i heart you images 7 (1)

8. Together forever. Love story

i heart you images 8 (1)

9. Beautiful flowers shaped like a heart, nice picture

i heart you images 9 (1)


10. The famous LOVE sculpture in New York City

i heart you images 10 (1)

11. Walking in the rain together

i heart you images 11 (1)

12. Son loving his father

i heart you images 12 (1)

13. There’s no love like a dog’s love

i heart you images 13 (1)


14. Cats try their best, but we all know they’re just assholes

i love you photos 14 (1)

15. Pet and his owner looking at each other

i love you photos 15 (1)

16. Firecracker in the shape of love

i love you photos 16 (1)

17. Perfect cup of coffee with heart as foam

i love you photos 17 (1)

18. Parents love

i love you photos 18 (1)


19. New and exciting love is always fun

i love you photos 19 (1)

20. Is this an i love you image?

i love you photos 20 (1)

21. Wedding ring creates heart shade

i love you photos 21 (1)

22. Kissing in the middle of the forest

i love you photos 22 (1)

23. ” I love you “

i love you photos 23 (1)

24. Even these cardboard figures are saying I love you pictures

i love you pictures 24 (1)

25. I love NYC

i love you pictures 25 (1)

26. Reading a book while in love

i love you pictures 26 (1)

27. Hearts all around

i love you pictures 27 (1)

28. The perfect LOVE on the bed with roses image

i love you pictures 28 (1)

29. Take love pictures with this nice camera

i love you pictures 29 (1)

30. Creating the ” i love you images ” with the lights

i love you pictures 30 (1)

31. I love you chocolate

i love you pictures 31 (1)

32. Creating a broken heart with lights

i love you pictures 32 (1)

33. This is obviously photoshopped, but still awesome!

i love you pictures 33 (1)

34. Little sugar sweets

i love you pics 34 (1)

35. Leaves on a tree look like something familiar right?

i love you pics 35 (1)

36. Taking pictures for my love

i love you pics 36 (1)

37. Adorable wedding photo session

i love you pics 37 (1)

38. Snowing together

i love you pics 38 (1)

39. Flamingos creating a heart together

i love you pics 39 (1)

40. The love you bracelet

i love you pics 40 (1)

41. I will always walk with you

i love you pics 41 (1)

42. Matching love cups

i love you pics 42 (1)

43. I love you art

i love you pics 43 (1)

44. Colorful love painting

i love you images 44 (1)

45. Cute lovers

i love you images 45

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