40 Ridiculous Tattoo Fails That Are So Bad They’re Hilarious

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I made a promise to myself a long time ago that I would never get someone’s face tattooed on my body. I’ll also never tattoo anyone’s name on my body unless it’s a child or a pet. These tattoo fails could lead to lifelong regret and cringing when you look in the mirror. Even if you trust the artist. Even if you’ve had them do awesome work for you before.

But the most cringe-worthy tattoos aren’t always of faces or your ex’s name. You’d have to be a blind idiot to let just anybody tattoo you. In these photos, some people had some unfortunate tattoos done. Many of them, I wonder, do they realize how terrible these tattoos are?

I’ll be honest, some of them aren’t that badly done but I can’t help but wonder why? Why would you want that on your body in the first place? Take a look at these epic tattoo fails and tell us what you think in the comments section. I find most of them cringe-worthy.

Tattoo fails #1: This doesn’t even look similar

tattoo fails 17 (1)


2: OMG, is it just me or the face looks like a human

tattoo fails 18 (1)

3: Still not a good reason to get this tattoo fail

tattoo fails 19 (1)

4: I’m going to leave you with WTF?!

tattoo fails 20 (1)

5: She has a look on her face saying ” Why am i married to this man “

tattoo fails 21 (1)


6: Why this fail tattoo dog has a toupee

tattoos fail 22 (1)

7: No man, just no

tattoo fails 23 (1)

8: Is this a combination of a bull and a matador playing football? Totally fail

tattoo fails 24 (1)

9: Too far man, too far

tattoo fails 25 (1)


10: Spell checker please

tattoo fails 26 (1)

11: Wearing different shoes at the same time isn’t cool

tattoo fails 27 (1)

12: Oh man, this tattoo is an epic fail

tattoo fails 28 (1)

13: I get it, you miss your dog, but this is not flattering

bad tattoos 29 (1)


Tattoo fails #14: The dark lion? NOPE

tattoo fails 30 (1)

15: This is the worse tattoo ever

tattoo fails 31 (1)

16: That moustache

tattoo fails 32 (1)

17: Pretty sure this guy is dead now just because of this bad tattoo

tattoo fails 33 (1)

18: Pee? Or Poo? Poo it is

tattoo fails 34 (1)


19: A family of fails

bad tattoos 35 (1)

20: No, this is not how you want to remember

tattoo fails 36 (1)

21: Is there really such a thing as white boy swag?

tattoo fails 37 (1)

22: Worst religious tattoo ever

tattoo fails 38 (1)

23: If you’re not the owner of Mcdonald, wait, not even than

tattoo fails 39 (1)

24: I don’t know what this is, E.T or something

tattoo fails 40 (1)

25: Marilyn Monroe looking kind of manly there

tattoo-fails (1)

26: Give me a draggon! Sure, fail fail fail

tattoo-mistakes -2 (1)

27: Please tell me this isn’t a cat

tattoo-fails-3 (1)

28: Why woman, why?!

tattoo-mistakes -4 (1)

29: Worst tattoo ever!

tattoo-fails-5 (1)

30: Please make this go away

tattoo-fails-6 (1)

31: So you love EMINEM?

tattoo-fails-7 (1)

32: Weird combination of tattoos

tattoo-fail-8 (1)

33: OMG, it’s that bad actor from all the vampire movies

tattoo-fails-9 (1)

34: I’m sure there’s a sad story behind this worse tattoo

tattoo-fails-10 (1)

35: Does anyone get this tattoo mistake

tattoo-fails-11 (1)

36: It’s supposed to be the New York Yankees logo right?

tattoo-fail-12 (1)

37: Is that a shield on your mouth or what

tattoo-fails-13 (1)

38: This picture is just a big NOPE

tattoo-fails-14 (1)

39: Everything about this picture is just wrong

tattoo-fails-15 (1)

40: Sure, who ever did you this tattoo fail is a legend

tattoo-fails-16 (1)

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