40 Fitness Advertisements That Are So Good You’ll Lose Weight Just By Looking At Them


I bet I can guess one of your New Year’s resolutions. At the beginning of 2017, you probably promised yourself to lose some weight or to become more fit during following months. Am I right, or what?! I don’t know how you’re doing on this matter but I must admit I am not very satisfied with the progress I made in January. But hey, all beginnings are hard, right?! And what do we need after hard start? We need some extra motivation to keep going forward. A little bit of motivation and till summer all of us will reach our goals ideally.

In the gallery below is a collection of super cool fitness advertisements of  “health and fitness” products and services. They’re done in such a cool and creative way that they will inspire you on some actions in that direction for sure. After you go through this clever fitness ads gallery you will even get excited about getting into the shape. Some of them are hilarious, but let’s not wait any longer – let’s start scrolling!

1. Stop lying to yourself – you’re fat!

fitness advertisements (1)


2. What you need is a body trainer, not an ultrasound. If these fitness advertisements won’t get you going i don’t know what is

fitness ads 2 (1)

3. Maybe to switch to a hamburger like this one?

fitness ads 3 (1)

4. Fishes: “Foooood”

fitness ads 4 (1)

5. Wanna be like this pear?

fitness ads 5 (1)


6. Your fit spirit is feeling trapped! Help it! This is a great fitness ad

fitness ads 6 (1)

7. Just imagine if it would be so easy…

fitness ads 7 (1)

8. When you see your feet after a while…

fitness ads 8 (1)

9. Water shows how you can be

fitness ads 9 (1)


10. Be at the right place! The choice is yours.

fitness ads 10 (1)

11. This one is for your brain, but it needs to be in shape too.

fitness ads 11 (1)

12. Belt should go this way.

fitness ads 12 (1)

13. You can’t solve every problem with your head.

fitness posters 13 (1)


14. Move your head for the start.

fitness posters 14 (1)

15. Wow! It’s time for sure!

fitness posters 15 (1)

16. Get up and run! Clever ad on chairs.

fitness posters 16 (1)

17. Burn bag

fitness posters 17 (1)

18. With yoga you can go around the clock.

fitness posters 18 (1)


19. Funny fitness ad on the bus.

fitness posters 19 (1)

20. Brilliant! Cable Flys on a double craned construction site.

fitness posters 20 (1)

21. See how much you weigh when you wait for the bus

fitness posters 21 (1)

22. Cut your belly fat in half

fitness posters 22 (1)

23. Your belt can barely hold on

fitness posters 23 (1)

24. Do you even lift bro?

fitness posters 24 (1)

25. This is my favorite ad on the fitness advertisements list

gym advertisements 25 (1)

26. Is this how you sport?

gym advertisements 26 (1)

27. The bag that will make you look good

gym advertisements 27 (1)

28. Nice touch on the bus

gym advertisements 28 (1)

29. I need this, every morning would start with lifting

gym advertisements 29 (1)

30. It’s everywhere

gym advertisements 30 (1)

31. Don’t be ashamed of your body

gym advertisements 31 (1)

32. Stretch, it’s important

gym advertisements 32 (1)

33. What is your size

gym advertisements 33 (1)

34. Stop drinking and start lifting

gym advertisements 34 (1)

35. So get out more, don’t eat more – nice ad

gym advertisements 35 (1)

36. Yeah, i wish i was that strong

gym ads 36 (1)

37. Even Santa gets it

gym ads 37 (1)

38. It sure feels like this sometimes

gym ads 38 (1)

39. So much power

gym ads 39 (1)

40. Be stronger than the candy

fitness advertisements 40 (1)

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