39 Funny Truck Signs People Noticed on the Road That are Just Hilarious

We all saw them, on trucks across the country, every day. I am talking about funny truck signs obviously, they are all around us and they try and make your traffic jam just a little less stressful. As we all know, being a truck driver is hard, it’s not easy sitting and driving an 18 wheelers for hours every day and not seeing your family for weeks at a time.

So it’s no surprise that these truck drivers tried to get some laughter into their lives in the form of hilarious signs on their trucks. The list below is of the 39 funniest truck signs you will ever see online. We are not kidding, we literally collected all the signs we could find and created this big gallery.

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1. The first of the funny truck signs list, and it’s a good one

funny truck signs (1)

2. So flash me maybe

funny truck signs 1 (1)

3. Don’t like trucks? Stop buying shit. Problem solved

funny semi trailers signs 2 (1)

4. Best of the funny truck signs list

funny truck stickers 3 (1)

5. Sorry Kanye, Chicago best wrappers

funny truck stickers 4 (1)

6. In case of accident grab a cup and have fun

funny truck stickers 5 (1)

7. Driver does not carry burritos

funny truck stickers 6 (1)

8. El Paso – El Shmasho

funny semi trailers signs 7 (1)

9. Not the animal fat you want to eat people

funny truck stickers 99

10. In case of accident, bring lots of cheese and crackers

funny semi trailers signs 10 (1)

11. A warning for robbers everywhere

funny truck signs 11 (1)

12. Stool bus. Like school but different

funny truck stickers 12 (1)

13. The other white powder – Cement

funny truck signs 13 (1)

14. We aren’t hauling milk

funny truck slogans 14 (1)

15. The face says it all

funny truck slogans 15 (1)

16. This vehicle makes wide ass turns, so look out

funny truck slogans 16 (1)

17. I love a good dump – Classic!

funny semi trailers signs 17 (1)

18. Big top rentals – for the best you know what

funny truck signs 18 (1)

19. Paul’s plumbing and gasfitting

funny semi trailers signs 19 (1)

20. Another genius who thought about this funny truck sign

funny truck slogans 20 (1)

21. Packing tape should not be used for painful practical jokes

funny truck signs 21 (1)

22. A-Able septic

funny truck signs 22 (1)

23. watch for the finger

funny truck slogans 23 (1)

24. Truck driver is board, hangs up the most hilarious truck sign ever

funny truck signs 24 (1)

25. Who’s your daddy! DNA testing

funny semi trailers signs 25 (1)

26. Follow your nose – Stinky Cheesy Moldy

funny truck slogans 26 (1)

27. VIP load

funny truck signs 27 (1)

28. Just a snow man on a truck. No biggy

funny semi trailers signs 28 (1)

29. Best coffee on the interstate

funny truck slogans 30 (1)

30. Vandisel – Love it!

funny truck signs 31 (1)

31. Electricians do it til it Hz!

funny truck signs 32 (1)

32. Not exactly a truck sign, but a whole car design

funny semi trailers signs 33 (1)

33. So many hate on one car

funny truck signs 40 (1)

34. #1 Plumber in the #2 business – Get it?

funny truck slogans 34

35. This garbage man is always ready for the puck

funny truck signs 35

36. Priceless

funny truck signs 36

37. CAUTION – May contain political promises

funny truck signs 37

38. If my wife would let as much as I ride my motorcycle, I’d be home right now.

funny truck signs 38

39. 14 payments to go and it’s mine all mine

funny truck signs 39

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