39 Funny Animal Names That Are So Much Better Than The Originals

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These funny animal names were not invented by scientists, not even close. It is common knowledge that all the names of the animals we see around the world are well thought and are globally recognized by the scientific community and pretty much everyone else, but what happens when you give the internet the right to change the rules? This gallery is about showing what can happen when millions of people around the internet put together their entire intellectual brains to come up with alternative names for animals we all know. The result? Well as you might have already guessed, the internet community is a bunch of morons. So that leaves us with hilarious animal names like the Sea Flap Flap and the Danger Noodle. Bottom line, never let the internet decide on important things, they don’t know anything.

1. The Giraffe Sheep, that’s a funny animal name

funny animal names


2. Tyrannosaurus deer – Honestly looks like a dinosaur

funny animal names

3. Sea flap flap – Yes, i can see why they named it that

funny animal names 2

4. Trash Panda – love this hilarious animal name

funny animal names 2

5. Danger Noodle – What’s with the hat?

funny animal names 3


6. Danger Zebra – not very original

funny animal nicknames 4

7. Furry Potato – So can i eat it?

funny animal nicknames 5

8. Furry Nope – Bear looks so cute

funny animal nicknames 6

9. NOPE. I think this is the best of all the funny animal names

funny animal nicknames 7


10. Word Bank – Why?

funny animal nicknames 8

11. Prison Pony. They didn’t really think this through

hilarious animal names 9

12. Cat Bird – I am Cat Bird!

hilarious animal names 10

13. Fart Squirrel – LOL, Love this!

hilarious animal names 11


14. Sea Catsnake

hilarious animal names 12

15. Sea Dog – so cute, i’m so happy this list happened

hilarious animal names 13

16. Formal Chicken

stupid animal names 14

17. Beach Chicken

stupid animal names 15

18. Danger Chicken

stupid animal names 16


19. Freedom Glider, YES! Awesome name for an animal

stupid animal names 17

20. Giraffe Bird

stupid animal names 18

21. Panda Whale

weird animal names 19

22. A Tree Rat. Nice to meet you funny animal

weird animal names 20

23. Magical Safety Dragon

weird animal names 21

24. Sea Pancake

weird animal names 22

25. Majestic Flying Flap Flap

weird animal names 23

26. Nope Double Nope

ridiculous animal names 24

27. Hot Moose

ridiculous animal names 25

28. Forest Corgi

ridiculous animal names 26

29. Spiky Floof

ridiculous animal names 27

30. Booplesnoot

ridiculous animal names 28

31. Shell Puppy

funny animal descriptions 29

32. Danger Water Cow

funny animal descriptions 30

33. Floaty Potato – The funny animal names list will not be perfect without this one.

funny animal descriptions 31

34. Duck Puppy

funny animal descriptions 32

35. Cat Snake

funny animal descriptions 33

36. Naked Snail – so rude

funny animal descriptions 36 (1)

37. Pricklestepper – no idea what this means

funny animal descriptions 37 (1)

38. Long neck deer – couldn’t find anything more original?!

funny animal names 38 (1)

39. Butt Nugget. Perfect, i’m out.

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