52 Harry Potter Tattoos That Are So Cool They’re Magical

harry potter tattoos feat

Is there a better way to display your love for J.K Rowling by getting a Harry Potter Tattoo? I don’t think so. Potterheads listen up! These 52 Harry Potter Tattoos are here to help you figure out if getting one of these inked drawings is what you really want.

I mean yeah, you’re a big fan of the movies and you’ve read every book like 5 times, but still, getting a tattoo inspired by Harry Potter is a big thing and you should think about it long and hard before getting it. So browse the list below and tell us in the comments what you decided, and which one is your favorite.

1. The first of the Harry Potter Tattoos is this cool tiny arm tattoo

harry potter tattoos (1)


2. Do you see the colorful glasses and scar?

harry potter tattoos 2 (1)

3. I love this!

harry potter tattoos 3 (1)

4. This is a beautiful tattoo inspired by the Harry Potter movie

harry potter ink 4 (1)

5. Mischief managed – you know what it means…

harry potter ink 5 (1)


6. Do you recognize it?

harry potter ink 6 (1)

7. We wrote about white ink tattoos before. This is a great example of one.

harry potter ink 7 (1)

8. Run Harry, Run!

harry potter ink 8 (1)

9. Always

harry potter ink 9 (1)


10. Cool ankle tattoos inspired by

harry potter ink 10 (1)

11. The Deathly Hallows symbol

harry potter ink 11 (1)

12. You must not tell lies tattoo

harry potter ink 12 (1)

13. Dumbledore’s army white tattoo

harry potter ink 13 (1)


14. Tiny wand on your finger, love this creative idea

harry potter inspired tattoos 14 (1)

15. I love the location of this tattoo

harry potter inspired tattoos 15 (1)

16. What’s the time? 9 and 3/4 obviously

harry potter inspired tattoos 16 (1)

17. Only with lines

harry potter inspired tattoos 17 (1)

18. This is a popular tattoo for Harry Potter fans

harry potter inspired tattoos 18 (1)


19. From the book, only true fans will understand

harry potter inspired tattoos 19 (1)

20. Catch the Quidditch ball

harry potter inspired tattoos 20 (1)

21. A combination of a few symbols

harry potter inspired tattoos 21 (1)

22. This is sooooo cute – Harry chasing the Quidditch ball

harry potter inspired tattoos 22 (1)

23. This is a more detailed tattoo of the ball

harry potter inspired tattoos 23 (1)

24. Expecto patronum! Do you know what it means?

harry potter inspired tattoos 24 (1)

25. Find the key Harry

harry potter body art 25 (1)

26. This is a returning theme on the Harry Potter Tattoos – and i love it

harry potter body art 26 (1)

27. This is just a beautiful tattoo, regardless of the movie theme

harry potter body art 27 (1)

28. Small but beautiful

harry potter body art 28 (1)

29. The white inks are taking over the tattoo world

harry potter body art 29 (1)

30. I love the brush strokes on the ankle placement

harry potter body art 30 (1)

31. Colorful Quidditch ball tattoo

harry potter body art 31 (1)

32. Remember? From the book

harry potter body art 32 (1)

33. Amazing! This is my favorite Harry Potter tattoo for sure

harry potter body art 33 (1)

34. Looks like a traditional dot tattoo with a good design

harry potter body art 35 (1)

35. A word on each hand. Nice!

harry potter fan art inks 36 (1)

36. The three tiny stars with a line of the school

harry potter fan art inks 37 (1)

37. I love this drawing tattoo inspired by the movie

harry potter fan art inks 38 (1)

38. Another colorful and beautiful Quidditch ball ink

harry potter fan art inks 39 (1)

39. It’s a mix of words and the magic wand

harry potter fan art inks 40 (1)

40. District and with a statement

harry potter fan art inks 41 (1)

41. Another mix of two Potter symbols

harry potter fan art inks 42 (1)

42. Always

harry potter fan art inks 43 (1)

43. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

harry potter fan art inks 44 (1)

44. Small but to the point

harry potter fan art inks 45 (1)

45. Can you catch me? I doubt it

J.K Rowling tattoos 46 (1)

46. The ball, the Deathly Hallows symbol together

J.K Rowling tattoos 47 (1)

47. This is actually an artistic image along side with the nice tattoo

J.K Rowling tattoos 48 (1)

48. Tiny scar on the finger

J.K Rowling tattoos 49 (1)

49. Broken glasses

J.K Rowling tattoos 50 (1)

50. Another district tattoo inspired by Harry Potter

J.K Rowling tattoos 51 (1)

51. This is very popular right?

J.K Rowling tattoos 52 (1)

52. The last one, but it’s a good one

harry potter tattoos 53 (1)

These Harry Potter Tattoos are pure magic, but let’s help them spread even more by sharing.