37 Hilarious Major Cat Fails That Will Make Your Day

Get ready to laugh! These cat fails will make you go LOL everytime, trust us! We all know cats are the kings of the house, dogs are just second best ( in the eyes of the cat ). But before you go all mad on us, look at these funny cat fail pictures and tell us if we’re wrong

1. Break dancing cat

major cat fails

2. Ohh such a nice dream MnMnMn AHHH A BANANA!!

major cat fails

3. We are not watching the lion king again!!

major cat fails

4. Nailing it for sure..Love this funny cat fail

dinner table cat fail

5. This cat will have nightmares forever

bear cat fail

6. First jump SCORE! Second jump ohhhhh nooooooo

miss cat

7. Too fat to jump, this is as far as i go. The funniest cat fail

fat cat fail

8. Backing up in a non impressing way at all

escape cat

9. Take that! And that! And this! And that! Now runnnn

fighting self cat fail

10. This looks like fun hmm..Wonder how I turn this on..

helicopter fail

11. Seriously guys. It’s a little cat not Godzilla

human cat fail

12. EVIL EYE CAT. My favorite on the cat fails list

panic face cat fail

13. You learn as you get old.

almost cat fail

14. They should go on the road for sure. Such talent

band cat fail

15. Oh yeah? Well take that you stinking toy!

dancing cat fail

16. Ohhh no the finger of death!

dying cat

17. This looks painful. What is it with cats and water?

jumpy cat

18. Cat mirror, mirror cat, play nice

attack cat fail

19. Overly dramatic cat

overly dramatic cat

20. Wait, what now?

wait waht cat fail

21. What Jason? His right here ohh damnnn

falling down cat

22. You think this stupid tank will help you?? Get out of there!

tank cat fail

23. This was a bad decision right from the start – Funny cat fails continues below…

look out fail

24. You aint doing shit!

dog and cat fail

25. Cats never learn – He immediately regrets this decision

bath time cat

26. Dude you can’t fit under there…Why bother every time

under tv stuck cat fail

27. Hey snake..? What?? What?? What?? What?? What??!

scared cat fail

28. You didn’t even left the ground.

toilet cat fail

29. Cannon ball!! Ohhh yeahhh

splash cat

30. What is this? A sock? What it’s moving? Noooo

sock cat fail

31. Rule number #1 – When icey cats can’t jump

snow cat fail

32. This is just ridicules

superman cat fail

33. His owner is loving every moment

tv cat fail

34. I don’t approve of this!! I will kill you

string cat fail

35. Creepy, creepy cat

major cat fails

36. It look like someone set this up perfectly

major cat fails

37. Amazing  jump way to go….Ohh wait….Fail

major cat fails

These cat fails won’t share themselves, let’s help them out.

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