Meet The Kevin Cotter Wedding Dress Blog. After His Wife Left Him, He Found 101 Ways To Reuse Her Wedding Dress

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After his wife suddenly left him after 12 years of marriage, Kevin Cotter started a blog called ” my ex wife wedding dress” but we like to call it the Kevin Cotter Wedding Dress blog. Kevin was shocked when this happened and before he knew what was going on she already packed all of her stuff in the car and was ready to go. Suddenly cotter noticed that she forgot something. Her wedding dress, he asked ” what should i do with this then? ” And she replied ” what ever the F*!? you want ” and so one of the coolest blogs was born. Cotter decided that every day he will show that dress how he feels about his now ex wife, so from dragging it on the road to doing sweaty yoga on it as a mat, things got dirty very fast, and the pictures don’t lie. honestly, we think he did the right thing here, she was cold. Check out the pictures below.

Shower curtain? Nahhhh my ex-wife wedding dress is just fine

Kevin Cotter wedding dress shower


I’ve always wanted one of these – Thanks wifey! Thanks for leaving me you stupi* Bit**

Kevin Cotter wedding dress trees

Went camping the other day and that dress kept me warm

wedding-dress tent

Pirates of the caribbean remake! Awesome!

wedding-dress titanic

Blending nicely with the snow giving me full camouflage when hunting.

wedding-dress hunting


Need to keep my exercise on for the ladies

wedding-dress sports

Wow these things can go fast, good thing i have my parachute!

wedding-dress go carts

Starting my new career as a sumo wrestler. No? Why? Fine..

wedding-dress somu

Not really sure what I’m doing here…But the dress had to be there

wedding-dress car


Had to be done. Darth Vader in a wedding dress = Priceless

wedding-dress darth vader

Keeps my car cool in those hot summer days – SCORE!

wedding-dress cats

I am never using napkins again. Never

wedding-dress chicken

I think you missed a spot

wedding-dress cleaning car


Great for costumes

wedding-dress running

Like I said, great

wedding-dress costume

Baby needs a lift ? Wedding dress would do just fine

wedding-dress baby

Finding my artistic side after my divorce

wedding-dress painting

But i never forget to have a good time

wedding-dress water


A great addition to the garden!

wedding-dress shade

Getting my yoga on

Kevin Cotter wedding dress yoga

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