37 Funny Puns That Are So Bad They’re Simply Hilarious

Puns used to be the most annoying things. Everyone would roll their eyes when they hear a funny pun. They were about as bad as dad jokes. Now everybody thinks puns and dad jokes are just the best.

Here were have a list of some of the funniest puns on the internet. Or the worst, depending on your sense of humor. Personally, I love to hate puns. As long as nobody tries to turn their pun game into a stand-up routine, I’ll accept that they exist.

Take a look at this horrible yet somehow funny puns. Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

1: The first in this funny puns list:

funny puns (1)

2: Sometimes i hate puns


funny puns 2 (1)

3: Is this funny? I don’t think so

funny puns 3 (1)

4: It’s funny because it says ” handle “

hilarious puns 4 (1)

5: Geeks will laugh at this. Maybe not, i don’t know

hilarious puns 5 (1)

6: Don’t do it man, just don’t

hilarious puns 6 (1)

7: Now make me my dinner

hilarious puns 7 (1)

8: I knew this funny pun will end badly for me

hilarious puns 8 (1)

9: LMAO, this is actually funny

hilarious puns 9 (1)

10: They are pretty snooby

hilarious puns 10 (1)

11: So the shark will stay hungry? I don’t think so

hilarious puns 11 (1)

12: It’s past tents, get it?

funny puns 12 (1)

13: Three funny puns in one pun, awesome!

funny puns 13 (1)

14: Dogs are punny. See what i did there?

funny puns 14 (1)

15: Lower case letters are for the lower class people

funny puns 15 (1)

16: Mess your friends mind with a weird wifi password

funny puns 16 (1)

17: Because the dog really round them up, it’s his job

hilarious puns 17 (1)

18: Just pick it up, we don’t want this here.

hilarious puns 18 (1)

19: Cows are famous

hilarious puns 19 (1)

20: What are the strongest days of the week?

hilarious puns 20 (1)

21: It’s funny because of the sandwich reference

hilarious puns 21 (1)

22: Sneakers is a perfect shoe for a thief. I’m sorry

hilarious puns 22 (1)

23: Do you mean more specific

hilarious puns 23 (1)

24: Dark punny humor

hilarious puns 24 (1)

25: Because a day is a full rotation

lol puns 25 (1)

26: Plastic surgery addicts change all the time

lol puns 26 (1)

27: Hand it to short people

lol puns 27 (1)

28: This is actually a funny pun

lol puns 28 (1)

29: Aloha to you to

lol puns 29 (1)

30: I’m going to have to draw blood

lol puns 30 (1)

31: Didn’t get this one

lol puns 31 (1)

32: Tie wins first place

funny puns 32 (1)

33: It’s a tiny stool

lol puns 33 (1)

34: I don’t get it

lol puns 34 (1)

35: Ten tickles make a squid laugh

lol puns 35 (1)

36: What do you call a pile of cats?

funny puns 36 (1)

37: So go ahead and repost it

funny puns 37 (1)

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