35 Of The Best Confession Bear Meme Pictures That Will Make You Want To Share

Confession bear meme is one of the worst memes on the internet. It’s so overused, and most of the time the confessions aren’t even real. They’re just designed to shock people. Then again, there are some that are very real. And sometimes you need an anonymous way to get something off your chest. So if you must use the confession bear meme, it’s so much more entertaining for us to read your real confessions. That way we can virtually point and laugh at you and the weird or messed up stuff you do.
Do it for all the people browsing the web that have nothing better to do but laugh at your misfortune. Trust me. It’ll make you feel better! Tell us all about how you’re sexually attracted to your sister. Or how you made an old lady give up her seat on the bus for you. You’re a terrible person, but we love you. From a distance, of course. We don’t want to be friends with you in real life, we just want to be all in your business.
Take a look at these examples of confession bear memes and let us know what you think in the comments.

1. I turn the sink on to make it sound like i washed my hands

confession bear meme (1)

2. When i turn off the lights downstairs at night i run up the stairs as fast as possible – love this confession bear meme

confession bear meme 2 (1)

3. Asking for two chopsticks so no one will know i’m alone

confession bear pics 3 (1)

4. I was staring at your ass – not your wife

confession bear pics 4 (1)

5. I like to poop at work, so i can get paid for it

confession bear pics 5 (1)

6. I killed my sister’s abusive meth addict boyfriend

confession bear pics 6 (1)

7. I download but i never seed – Shame!

confession bear pics 7 (1)

8. Too lazy to text you back

confession bear pics 8 (1)

9. Girls with issues are easier to get

confession bear pics 9 (1)

10. I don’t raise my hand in class to answer despite knowing the answer

confession bear pics 10 (1)

11. Don’t like bacon ( No way! )

confession bear pics 11 (1)

12. Love the smell of my testicals

confession bear pics 12 (1)

13. I don’t know which letter comes after which ( me too )

confession bear images 13 (1)

14. I believe religious people are less intelligent

confession bear images 15 (1)

15. To lock up the smell and keep it in

confession bear images 16 (1)

16. I won’t come out of the closet to give my mom the satisfaction

confession bear images 17 (1)

17. I don’t like the confession bear meme

confession bear images 18 (1)

18. People who use beats by Dre are douchebags

confession bear images 19 (1)

19. OMG So gross

confession bear images 20 (1)

20. I over think everything, like everything!

confession bear images 21 (1)

21. I don’t like obese kids and their parents

confession bear images 22 (1)

22. This is some next level cringe shit!

confession bear images 23 (1)

23. I talk more in my head than with real people

confession bear lols 24 (1)

24. I hate everyone for real

confession bear lols 40

25. Because i don’t want people to judge me

confession bear lols 41

26. I only change clothes everyday so my coworkers won’t judge me.

confession bear lols 27 (1)

27. No answering right away to not look too anxious

confession bear lols 28 (1)

28. Still eating lunchables

confession bear lols 29 (1)

29. What?! No i’m sorry this is too much

confession bear lols 30 (1)

30. I think no one will.

confession bear lols 31 (1)

31. I’m smarter than most people

confession bear lols 32 (1)

32. I make myself laugh so hard it’s embarrassing

confession bear lols 33 (1)

33. damn that voice mail icon!

confession bear lols 34 (1)

34. This meme post is getting old

confession bear meme 35 (1)

35. Checking the tissue after blowing my nose

confession bear meme 42

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