33 Gordon Ramsay Memes That Are So Bad We Called The Police

Gordon Ramsay, what more can you say about this man? A master chef, a TV personality and a well known master burner! Yes that’s right, These Gordon Ramsay Memes prove once and for all that this man is the best at burning people and making them feel bad. A cook worst nightmare and one you will kill to learn from but die while doing it. Check out these 33 Gordon Ramsay Burn memes and decide if he’s hilarious or just cruel.

1. LOL! The first and most funny of all the Gordon Ramsay memes on this list!

gordon ramsay memes (1)

2. Under the boardwalk, just by the seaaaaa

gordon ramsay memes 2 (1)

3. And it was born and raised in west Philadelphia

gordon ramsay lashing out 3 (1)

4. Be careful not to piss off Vladimir Putin

gordon ramsay lashing out 4 (1)

5. Because they won’t survive your food

gordon ramsay lashing out 5 (1)

6. Pokemon would be proud

gordon ramsay lashing out 6 (1)

7. You just tried to serve me a live bird

gordon ramsay lashing out 7 (1)

8. Which is impossible! Congrats! You made a new fail

gordon ramsay lashing out 8 (1)

9. You just killed the best TV show ever!

gordon ramsay lashing out 9 (1)

10. Should i get the one true king in here?!

gordon ramsay lashing out 10 (1)

11. Maybe it will grow up and be a better cock than you

gordon ramsay lashing out 11 (1)

12. And trying to find his friend Simba

gordon ramsay lashing out 12 (1)

13. And he was better at this movie

gordon ramsay burns 13 (1)

14. This was the most humiliating moment in reality TV

gordon ramsay burns 14 (1)

15. Is this a burn on EA games?

gordon ramsay burns 16 (1)

16. And it got life in prison so it won’t kill again!

gordon ramsay burns 17 (1)

17. Your meal will start singing the song right now

gordon ramsay burns 18 (1)

18. A Mario reference, how cool is that?!

gordon ramsay burns 19 (1)

19. Now get the hell out of my kitchen!

gordon ramsay burns 19 (1)

20. Because there’s so much money in oil and the US want it

gordon ramsay burns 20 (1)

21. And you know that’s insulting!

gordon ramsay burns 21 (1)

22. You should be banned from all kitchens, ever!

gordon ramsay burns 22 (1)

23. That’s false. Nicolas Cage will take any role, any time and where

gordon ramsay images 23 (1)

24. You can’t cook for shit! Just die!

gordon ramsay images 24 (1)

25. Now eat it! EAT IT!

gordon ramsay images 25 (1)

26. Your head is full of shit!

gordon ramsay images 26 (1)

27. WOW! The hardest burn on this list!

gordon ramsay images 27 (1)

28. James cameron just called, he needs your cupcake for a disaster movie

gordon ramsay images 28 (1)

29. Everyone else is shit, I’m the only one who knows how to cook! I’m Gordon Ramsey bit**!

gordon ramsay images 29 (1)

30. You can’t even run a bath for little babies

gordon ramsay images 30 (1)

31. Oh crap. Don’t lose it here on live TV

gordon ramsay images 31 (1)

32. I love these Gordon Ramsay memes! This is my favorite

gordon ramsay images 32 (1)

33. LMAO! Fish is so raw it’s trying to find NEMO!

gordon ramsay memes 15 (1)

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