33 Really Funny Amazon Reviews That Should Get Their Own Site

funny amazon reviews feat (1)

Amazon is a wonderful world where you can buy pretty much anything your heart desires. They’ve gone from selling books to selling just about everything you could imagine. On Amazon you can buy anything from yoga pants to Hello Kitty wine and even the top laptops for editing or working. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and look. It’s there.

What’s even better than the ridiculous products on Amazon is the reviews on these products. There are some real funny amazon reviews out there. And they are hilarious. The sarcasm in some of these reviews is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Actually, I’d pay to see a standup routine of just someone reading their own hilarious Amazon reviews out loud. It’s a new age, people. The internet is everything. Pretty soon comedians will all be out of work. No one would leave their home they’d just sit at the computer reading hilarious Amazon reviews.

Read some of these LOL Amazon reviews we’ve compiled here. Would you buy any of these products after reading their reviews? Let us know what you think in the comments section.


1: A Bic ballpoint pen

funny amazon reviews (1)


2: This huge swiss army knife changed my life is the second item on our funny amazon reviews list

funny amazon reviews 2 (1)

3: Where is my baby’s belly button?

funny amazon reviews 3 (1)

4: Kindle waterproof case

funny product reviews 4 (1)

5: A banana slicer

funny product reviews 5 (1)


6: Multi color glitter bottle

funny product reviews 6 (1)

7: Star Wars battlefront PS4 game

funny product reviews 7 (1)

8: Some gummy bears

funny product reviews 8 (1)

9: An overhead penguin mask

funny product reviews 9 (1)


10: 6′ buddha maitreya meditation pyramid

funny product reviews 10 (1)

11: Veet removal hair removal gel

funny product reviews 11 (1)

12: A UFO detector – Yeah! for Real

funny product reviews 12 (1)

13: Nexus silent mouse

funny amazon reviews 13 (1)


14: The Wolf Of Wall Street Movie

funny amazon reviews 14 (1)

15: English grammar for dummies

funny amazon reviews 15 (1)

16: AKDL1 link cable

funny amazon reviews 16 (1)

17: Pure Brown Seaweed

funny amazon reviews 17 (1)

18: Microsoft Windows 95

funny amazon reviews 18 (1)


19: Uranium Ore

funny amazon reviews 19 (1)

20: Male chastity device

funny amazon reviews 20 (1)

21: NIKE air galaxy shoe

funny amazon product reviews 21 (1)

22: Microwave for one book

funny amazon product reviews 22 (1)

23: Tattoo fade cream

funny amazon product reviews 23 (1)

24: Knuckle Blaster gun

funny amazon product reviews 24 (1)

25: A horse head mask

funny amazon product reviews 25 (1)

26: a USB wall charger

funny amazon product reviews 26 (1)

27: Kegel Pelvic Floor exercise

funny amazon product reviews 27 (1)

28: Zenith men’s watch

funny amazon product reviews 28 (1)

29: The Holy Bible

funny amazon product reviews 29 (1)

30: A cool T-shirt

funny amazon product reviews 30 (1)

31: Zippo

funny amazon reviews 31 (1)

32: 3D smart TV by LG

funny amazon reviews 32 (1)

33: Mitre football

funny amazon reviews 33 (1)

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