32 Funny Google Searches That Proves People Are Just Crazy

funny google searches feat (2)
Do you ever start typing a search into Google and look at all the suggestions? Have you ever seen a suggestion that seems a little off? Well there are some funny google searches out there that are just ridiculous or don’t make any sense. And that’s why we love the internet don’t we?
A lot of people will catch these crazy suggestions and screen shot them then share them on social media. There are many that don’t seem real. They have to be photo shopped or something. Well surprise! This kind of stuff actually comes up on google. And it’s pretty much always hilarious.
Take a look at these screen shots of funny google searches we’ve compiled here. Each one is hilarious in it’s own way. If google has ever suggested anything crazy for you, tell us about it in the comments section.

1. The first in the funny google searches list is ” Why do i have… “

funny google searches 1 (1)


2. What…

funny online searches 2 (1)

3. What would a…

funny google searches 3 (1)

4. I like to ta…tape my thumbs to my hands to see what it would be like to be a dinosaur

funny online searches 4 (1)

5. Sometimes when i’m…alone i use comic sans

funny online searches 5 (1)


6. I am…extremely terrified of chinese people?!

funny online searches 6 (1)

7. Why…can’t i own a canadian – lol!

funny online searches 7 (1)

8. I did th…the macarena with a homeless guy in an elevator because big bird said to and he’s my leader

funny online searches 8 (1)

9. Is it bad if…your poop floats?

funny online searches 9 (1)


10. Sometimes i like to… lay on the floor and pretend i’m a carrot

funny online searches 10 (1)

11. Don’t you hate it when a…adults say

funny online searches 11 (1)

12. Why isn’t…11 pronounced onety one

funny online searches 12 (1)

13. What do i do if…a ginger kid bites me – my favorite of the funny google searches

lol google searches 13 (1)


14. I’m out of e…estrogen and i have a gun

lol google searches 14 (1)

15. What would happen…if i hired two private investigators to follow each other

lol google searches 15 (1)

16. Is it normal…to be sexually attracted to numbers

lol google searches 16 (1)

17. Do you ever look at yourself in…the mirror and think what wattage is my microwave

lol google searches 17 (1)

18. Why does my husband…fart so much

lol google searches 18 (1)


19. I feel like a…pig shat in my head

lol google searches 19 (1)

20. Someone has b…been pissing on my gamecube and i’m about to close the case

lol google searches 20 (1)

21. Why is nicolas cage on… the cover of a serbian biology textbook

lol google searches 21 (1)

22. I hate it when…i’m studying and a velociraptor throws bananas on me

lol google searches 22 (1)

23. What’s a boyfriend…and where can i download one

funniest google searches 23 (1)

24. Google is…better

funniest google searches 24 (1)

25. Why i always…fart

funniest google searches 25 (1)

26. Can i eat my…cat? Sperm?

funniest google searches 26 (1)

27. How to g…get pregnant.

funniest google searches 27 (1)

28. Why is my g…goldfish turning black

funniest google searches 28 (1)

29. What happens if…you don’t pay your credit cards

funniest google searches 29 (1)

30. Why do adults…wet the bed

funniest google searches 30 (1)

31. Why are black people…so fast

funniest google searches 31 (1)

32. Why are mexicans…called beaners

funny google searches 32 (1)

This list of the funniest googles searches cracked me up. If you agree. please share with your friends.

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