31 Awkward Prom Photos That Will Make You Miss High School


I’ve never seen a prom photo that wasn’t at least a little awkward. There are a lot of awkward prom photos that are just super embarrassing. But no matter how you look at it, any picture of two teens at prom is going to be uncomfortable to look at. The boy has that classic “hover hand” on the girls waste and they both look like they don’t know how to pose.

But you can hardly blame them. When you’re so used to taking selfies and hardly ever have anyone take pictures of you, posing for a prom photo is bound to be awkward. And let’s not forget, the theme of your prom has a lot to do with how awkward your photos are. If the theme is tacky, your photo is probably going to be embarrassing. But what’s even worse is the photo of you and your date before prom, taken by your excited mother. The whole time you’re thinking “Okay, mom, can we go now?!”

Take a look at some of these very awkward prom photos. Think back to your prom, if you went to it. I spared myself the awkwardness. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

1: Most awkward prom photo of all time?

awkward prom photos 2 (1)


Awkward prom photos #2 She just won the list people

awkward prom photos 3 (1)

3: Oh god, embarrassing!

awkward prom photos 4 (1)

4: Mom making sure her daughter will get some

awkward prom photos 5 (1)

5: This guy lucked out right?

awkward prom photos 6 (1)


6: Think you overdo it a little bit no?

awkward prom photos 7 (1)

7: That kid face is like ” I’m the happiest person in the world right now “

awkward prom photos 8 (1)

8: Nasty, and to think that probably her mom took that photo

awkward prom photos 9 (1)

9: Every year the skirts get shorter and morals are pushed back

awkward prom photos 10 (1)


10: Try and think who won prom queen in this picture

awkward prom photos 11 (1)

11: OK. Someone needs to check that kid, he looks like he’s about to kill someone

awkward prom photos 12 (1)

12: 80’s proms were the best

awkward prom photos 13 (1)

13: ” Wait mom. Let me get a shot of my booty “

awkward prom photos 14 (1)


14: Deal with it

awkward prom pictures 15 (1)

15: Proud daddy

awkward prom pictures 16 (1)

16: I guess this is how you dress for prom now

awkward prom pictures 17 (1)

17: What is going on here? Why are you so tall

awkward prom pictures 18 (1)

18: Who wore it better?

awkward prom pictures 19 (1)


19: He knows he’s fabulous, he doesn’t need to say anything

awkward prom pictures 20 (1)

20: You’re not old enough to drive, what are you doing

awkward prom pictures 21 (1)

21: Goth

awkward prom pictures 22 (1)

22: So…did you get some? Please say no

awkward prom pictures 23 (1)

23: Honoring the tradition

awkward prom pictures 24 (1)

24: All i do is win win win

awkward prom pictures 25 (1)

25: Yeah right!

awkward prom pictures 26 (1)

26: Lasers!!!

awkward prom pictures 27 (1)

27: I’m an evil genius

awkward prom pictures 28 (1)

28: Dad stop!! what are you doing

awkward prom pictures 29 (1)

29: Because you must have a little pony

awkward prom photos 30 (1)

30: That kid looks so scared right now

awkward prom photos 31 (1)

31: So young, already a parent

awkward prom photos 32 (1)

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