24 Go Home You’re Drunk Pictures To Call It a Night

There aren’t many phrases that you can use as many times as “Go home You’re drunk.” If you see an upside down stop sign “go home, sign, you’re drunk.” If you see a cat runs and face plant into a wall “go home, cat, you’re drunk.” See? It works for almost everything. Of course, you can also say it to a friend who’s way too drunk to be out in public. It’s not as funny then, it’s just plain concern for a friend.

The first appearance of “Go home you’re drunk” phrase was on a site called Natuba on October 6th, 2008. It was in a picture of graffiti on a bathroom wall that said “‘I fucked your mama!’ Go home, dad, you’re drunk.” Then a second similar joke was posted to the “Historic LOLs” page on Cheezburger. It featured a painting of a robed man yelling the phrase “And I banged your mother!” Followed by an abashed man saying “Go home, dad. You’re drunk.”

This joke has been making it’s way around the internet for years. And I don’t think it’s going anywhere any time soon. Take a look at these “Go home. You’re drunk” memes and let us know what you think in the comments section.

1: Go home snail, you’re drunk

go home you're drunk (1)

2: Go home you’re drunk wisdom teeth

go home you're drunk 2 (1)

3: Go home trampoline, you are drunk

go home you're drunk 3 (1)

4: What? You’re so drunk sign

go home you're drunk 4 (1)

5: Just go straight road, stop acting drunk

go home you're drunk 5 (1)

6: Pumpkin puking all over the place, go home, no one wants to see that

go home you're drunk 6 (1)

7: Go home bottle, you are wasted

go home you're drunk 7 (1)

8: This calculator is bananas

go home you're drunk 8 (1)

9: I think you’re drunk coffee cup, just go home

go home you're drunk 9 (1)

10: Just call it a night home, you’re drunk

go home you're drunk 10 (1)

11: Here’s another house that is soo drunk it’s embarrassing

go home you're drunk 11 (1)

12: How? Why? Go home you’re drunk jacuzzi

go home you are drunk 12 (1)

13: Never be drunk on the job

go home you are drunk 13 (1)

14: How did you end up like this? *something all drunk people say in the morning

go home you are drunk 14 (1)

15: Door in the middle of the walk of shame

go home you are drunk 15 (1)

16: Classic!

go home you are drunk 16 (1)

17: Cat, you’re so drunk you need to go home right meow

go home you are drunk 17 (1)

18: Let’s call it a night shall we Bat?

go home you are drunk 18 (1)

19: Copy machine is super drunk

go home you are drunk 19 (1)

20: Can’t even put your pants on, you’re drunk

go home you are drunk 20 (1)

21: This election was drunk AF

go home you are drunk 21 (1)

22: Rally driver losing his cool

go home you're drunk 22

23: Can robots get drunk? YUP

go home you're drunk 23 (1)

24: Tetris living on the edge

go home you're drunk 24 (1)

These go home you’re drunk memes are super funny to me. If you agree, please share with your friends


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