18 Pictures That Are Too Lazy To Get a Decent Title


Being too lazy is a state of mind

1: Watching videos on your phone

too lazy 1


2: Christmas this year will be awesome!

too lazy 2

3: It tickles, so i’m too lazy to move

really lazy 3

4: Happy birthday son, here’s your cake

really lazy 4

5: Taking the kids to the supermarket is challenging

really lazy 5


6: I just bought a new chair for studying, it’s comfortable AF

really lazy 6

7: This is how dads play with their kids

really lazy 7

8: Shut up and take my money!

really lazy 8

9: This is the only way i eat cereals now

really lazy 9


10: Like we said – kids and supermarkets is a challenge

really lazy 10

11: This cat has the right idea

really lazy 11

12: Only the girl here is lazy, the rest are pretty good ideas

really lazy 12

13: Dad level = Impossible

really lazy 13


14: If it works, don’t change it

really lazy 14

15: Taking out the trash has never been this easy

really lazy 15

16: This kid is going places, or more accurately, sitting places

really lazy 16

17: Dogs are known to be the champions of laziness

too lazy 17

18: Too lazy just got real

too lazy 18

Source: Imgur