30 Good Wives That Are Totally Winning At Marriage

Ah Marriage, that sacred institution based on mutual love and respect. The holy bond between two kindred souls that promise to be there through thick and thin, feast and famine… well you know the rest. They say that love is blind. These wives will make you think that it is deaf, dumb, and stupid too. Ladies, if you think that you will never find the man of your dreams, after you see these wives’ hilarious solutions to everyday married life, you will not be so worried. Moreover, people, remember, by lowering your standards just a little, you could land a wife like this. Forget online dating sites, if you play your cards right, maybe one of these keepers has a sister she would introduce you to!

1: And….FIGHT!

Good Wives That Are Totally Winning At Marriage 1 (1)

2: Wife is also a fashion consultant

Good Wives That Are Totally Winning At Marriage 3 (1)

3: At least it’s low fat

good wives 4 (1)

4: This wife has her priorities straight

good wives 5 (1)

5: Seems about right

good wives 6 (1)

6: WHAT?! OH…I love you wife

good wives 7 (1)


good wives 8 (1)

8: This is a good wife

good wives 9 (1)

9: baby and wife working together

good wives 10 (1)

10: This isn’t what i had in mind…

good wives 11 (1)

11: Dinner? Dinner

good wives 12 (1)

12: A house is not a home without a dog

good wives 13 (1)

13: Best wife ever!

good wives 14 (1)

14: Good wives take care of everything

good wives 15 (1)

15: Why everyone talks so dirty when food is related

good wives 16 (1)

16: Awesome wife

good wives 17 (1)

17: LOL

good wives 18 (1)

18: Wife made a contract with hubby

good wives 19 (1)

19: Should i eat flow chart for husband

good wives 20 (1)

20: Hubby rap

good wives 21 (1)

21: Food always shows how much you care

good wives 22 (1)

22: Flowers? For me? You’re the best wife ever

good wives 23 (1)

23: OK, now what?

good wives 24 (1)

24: Cause daddy gotta know

good wives 25 (1)

25: Wife trying to teach hubby to juggle…balls

good wives 26 (1)

26: Thanks!

good wives 27 (1)

27: A sense of humor is very important

good wives 28 (1)

28: Will love you forever

good wives 29 (1)

29: Really? 45 minutes? She’s right there

Good Wives That Are Totally Winning At Marriage 30 (1)

30: Wife calls it her bathroom wine

Good Wives That Are Totally Winning At Marriage 2 (1)

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