18 Hilariously Odd Couples Photos That Prove Love Is Blind

Who doesn’t like a good wedding photo? The bride, the groom, the loving glances. Everyone wants to document his or her greatest romantic moment on film for posterity’s sake … right? Some even travel the whole world for a good wedding albumThey say that love is blind. When you see these 20 pictures of offbeat odd couples captured in some strangest wedding shots, you might wish you were too!

These pictures are absolute proof that love conquers all. This eclectic collection is a mish mash of 20 outrageous couples that you have to see to believe. From the inappropriate to the downright bizarre, we have photographic proof that there is someone for everyone.

1: So did she marry the news anchor man?

odd couples 1 (1)

2: Life goals: Kill a tiger, strangle a cat, get married

strange couples 2 (1)

3: ‘Murica! Fuc* yeah!!

strange couples 3 (1)

4: This is just odd, really odd

strange couples 4 (1)

5: Clothes are so mainstream, let’s forget about them

odd couple pictures 1

6: Every couple is different, don’t judge me

strange couples 6 (1)

7: Saving money on photo location, that’s smart…NOT!

strange couples 7 (1)

8: Is this supposed to be Peter Pan and Tinker-bell ?

strange couples 8 (1)

9: If you’re not a rock star legend, cut the hair

strange couples 9 (1)

10: The dog eyes says it all ” HELP ME! “

strange couples 10 (1)

11: We said casual dress code but god damn it Phil!

strange couples 11 (1)

12: Is this cupid?

strange couples 12 (1)

13: Competing with the belly

strange couples 13 (1)

14: You know the old saying ” Happy wife, happy life ” well this ain’t the case

strange couples 15 (1)

15: Dude got majestic hair and he knows it

strange couples 16 (1)

16: Nothing says love more than some photoshop magic

strange couples 17 (1)

17: The 80’s were the shit kid. Everything was cooler

strange couples 18 (1)

18: Maybe you shouldn’t want to know what’s going on here

odd couples 19 (1)

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