30 Funny Coincidences That Are So Weird They Must Be Planned

Things that will make you go – hmmm? Is there such a thing as a coincidence? Or nothing happens by chance? What do you think? In the gallery below is a huge collection of funny coincidences photos that are the result of unbelievable coincidence.

The impression one gets when seeing something like this is that it must’ve been some supernatural force that caused what we see or someone who carefully planned everything to the most tiny detail.

Some of the images are just hilarious, some are obviously a result of a human mistake and most of them will leave you with the question mark floating above your head – how can this be?! But what will definitely happen is that you will have a great laugh along the way.

1. Taylor Swift, how do you pull this?!

funny coincidences 1 (1)

via: imgur.com

2. I don’t know about babies, but I know what I need.

funny coincidences 2 (1)

via: reddit.com

3. “Vampyr” parked in front of “grocery”.

funny coincidences 3 (1)

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4. Is this a coincidence? Hmm…

funny coincidences 4 (1)

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5. Cookie Monster walked into the bar…

hilarious coincidences 5 (1)

via: imgur.com

6. Uninvolved in peace.

hilarious coincidences 6 (1)

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7. Omg! The design catastrophe!

hilarious coincidences 7 (1)

via: boredpanda.com

8. Fitting or not, that is the question.

hilarious coincidences 8 (1)

via: imgur.com

9. This bus commercial design is an equal catastrophe to the taxi above.

hilarious coincidences 9 (1)

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10. Diabetes – straight ahead!

lol coincidences 10 (1)

11. Childhood obesity, I’m loving it. Oh, wait…

lol coincidences 11 (1)

12. Somebody save the baby!

lol coincidences 12 (1)

via: digitalsynopsis.com

13. Coincidence or not? What do you think?

lol coincidences 13 (1)

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14. Lol! This lady was ready for the flood.

lol coincidences 14 (1)

via: boredpanda.com

15. Airlines, hairlines…

funny events 15 (1)

via: imgur.com

16. Did he do that on purpose?

funny events 16 (1)

via: imgur.com

17. This is THE END

funny events 17 (1)

via: imgur.com

18. So close but so far away…

funny events 18 (1)

via: boredpanda.com

 19. What were they thinking?

funny events 19 (1)

via: imgur.com

20. This could be some kind of a sign or a warning.

funny events 20 (1)

via: imgur.com

21. So gay, indeed…

fun coincidences 21 (1)

via: boredpanda.com

22. Get your throat game ready…

fun coincidences 22 (1)

via: imgur.com

23. The perfect ad for that song

fun coincidences 23 (1)

via: imgur.com

24. So it was done…

fun coincidences 25 (1)

via: imgur.com

25. Total brutal…Where’s daddy?

fun coincidences 26 (1)

via: boredpanda.com

26. You got that right – this is an hilarious coincidences

fun coincidences 27 (1)

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27.  If we can’t, we won’t. Simple as that.

fun coincidences 28 (1)

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28. Invisible flip-flops

fun coincidences 29 (1)

via: imgur.com

29. Terrible, terrible fail!

fun coincidences 30 (1)

via: boredpanda.com

30. Kiss and ice-cream.

funny coincidences 31 (1)

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Any of these funny coincidences made since to you? If not, please share 



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