30 Beautiful Flower Cakes To Celebrate Spring In The Most Yummy Way

When we reach the end of March, it usually means that spring is coming. Days will start to become longer and you will start to see flowers bloom, if this alone is not a good reason to smile than maybe these flower cakes will do the trick.

Now we know not all of you are still on spring time, but don’t worry, you’ll get there soon, in the meantime you can definitely celebrate this special time of year with us with these beautiful designed flower cakes that don’t just look amazing but actually taste pretty damn good. Is there a better way to celebrate spring? I don’t think so.

If you think you want to try it yourself, there are a few methods you can take to make your very own flower cake, some bakers like to cover the entire cake with lots of blossoms and various things that look like flowers, for example this Jakarta based baker made a cake that looks like flowers with a little bit of cake in it LOL. It’s literally covered with blossoms.

Other people may love a more gentle approach and just spread some or sprinkle tiny blossoms around the top of the cake or around it, some use the frosting as the place to showcase their spring love and place some flowers on it, there are endless ideas but these two are the most common approaches, chose your own and get to it.

All the images below you see of the floral cakes were made with butter and powdered sugar, maybe some food coloring too but that’s pretty much it. So simple but yet so beautiful that’s why everyone can make it and it will look nice and yummy.

1. The first of our flower cakes and cupcakes to welcome spring!

Flower Cakes (1)

Photo by: @ivenoven

2. The second one is a more gentle cake with flowers on top

Flower Cakes 2 (1)

Photo by: Style Sweet CA

3. Half moon on top of the cake – looks real enough right?

floral Cakes 3 (1)

Photo by: Eat Cake Be Merry


floral Cakes 4 (1)

Photo by: @yeona_cake


floral Cakes 5 (1)

Photo by: @ruah_cake


floral cakes 6 (1)

Photo by: @kyong2ne


floral cakes 7 (1)

Photo by: Monika Stiborová


floral cakes 8 (1)

Photo by: @lynnanncakeparlour

9. Little flower cupcakes

floral cakes 9 (1)

Photo by: @ivenoven


floral cakes 10 (1)

Photo by: @tortynazakv


floral cakes 11 (1)

Photo by: @ivenoven


floral cakes 12 (1)

Photo by: @cakes_ideas_videos

13. Beautiful tree cake with the leaves on top

blossom cakes 13 (1)

Photo by: @ivenoven


blossom cakes 14 (1)

Photo by: @flowercake_t.atte


blossom cakes 15 (1)

Photo by: @majolicacakes

16. More cupcakes! Yummy!

blossom cakes 16 (1)

Photo by: @ivenoven

17. All white frosting with blossoms on top, clean and nice

blossom cakes 17 (1)

Photo by: Maison_olivia


blossom cakes 18 (1)

Photo by: c


blossom cakes 19 (1)

Photo by: @lewis_flowercake


blossom cakes 20 (1)

Photo by: Alice Cake

21. These look amazing!

blossom cakes 21 (1)

Photo by: Sweet Petal Cake


blossom cakes 22 (1)

Photo by: Alice’s Cake Box

23. For the yellow floral lover

flower cupcakes 23 (1)

Photo by: Sweet Petal Cake


flower cupcakes 24 (1)

Photo by: @dasom_blossom


flower cupcakes 25 (1)

Photo by: Eat Cake Be Merry


flower cupcakes 26 (1)

Photo by: Eat Cake Be Merry


flower cupcakes 27 (1)

Photo by: Diya Jojan


flower cupcakes 28 (1)

Photo by: Debbie Bakes


flower cakes 29 (1)

Photo by: @cakes_by_alice


flower cakes 30 (1)

Photo by: @ivenoven

Here’s a short video showing how one baker creates a floral cake:

For the love of sugar please share these delicious flower cakes with your food loving friends.


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