29 Unique Bottle Designs That Are So Good You Buy Them For The Bottle

Bottles usually don’t occupy our attention. We usually focus on what’s inside of them instead. Once we drink the content, bottles often end up in the trash immediately. However, there are always exceptions to rules. Some bottles are made to be extraordinary by themselves, some of them that much so we hesitate to throw them away because of their uniqueness and sometimes even we buy a product simply because we fell in love with the unique bottle design.

In the gallery below we have a huge collection of unique bottle designs we could find. The designers got so creative using various materials, defining various shapes, playing with colors and even bottles’ functionality that you will be amazed, I’m sure. These are kind of bottles that you do not throw away and you certainly do not see every day on the grocery stores’ shelves.

Let’s brows twenty-nine cool and creative bottle designs collected in the gallery below. Some of them are amazing by the elegance, some designs are rustic, some of them are futuristic and some are simply perfect and unique matches for the content that’s inside. Take your time to check all of them and don’t forget to share with us in the comment section which one amused you the most.

1. Cranberry juice in an interesting bottle design.

unique bottle designs 1 (1)

2. Organic heart shaped bottle for wine. Probably my favorite of all the unique bottle designs

unique bottle designs 2 (1)

3. Elegance for an old cognac.

unique bottle designs 3 (1)

4. Want these sauces in your kitchen?

creative bottle designs 4 (1)

5. Playful bottle design.

creative bottle designs 5 (1)

6. Great minimalistic design of bottles.

creative bottle designs 6 (1)

7. Bottles resembling a pear.

creative bottle designs 7 (1)

8. Russian premium vodka in futuristic design.

creative bottle designs 8 (1)

9. So classy and sophisticated bottle of vodka.

cool bottle designs 9 (1)

10. Cool bottle design.

cool bottle designs 10 (1)

11. Great design of the bottle and the package.

cool bottle designs 11 (1)

12. Wanna bowl?! Awesome bottle design

cool bottle designs 12 (1)

13. Milk in an old fashioned glass bottle.

cool bottle designs 13 (1)

14. Perfect match.

epic bottle designs 14 (1)

15. Evil demon needs a casket…

epic bottle designs 15 (1)

16. Playing with colors to distinguish.

epic bottle designs 16 (1)

17. Great design for milk pack.

epic bottle designs 17 (1)

18. Bombs go with democracy, right? Vodka made in the USA.

epic bottle designs 18 (1)

19. Wow! Those are waves on the bottle…Best bottle design here

unique bottles 19 (1)

20. Charming little bottle of whiskey.

unique bottles 20 (1)

21. Unique bottle designs list continues with this epic drink

unique bottles 21 (1)

22. Look at all the colors and great tastes

unique bottles 22 (1)

23. Olive oil bottle design

unique bottles 23 (1)

24. I love how to bottle is hollow

unique drink designs 24 (1)

25. When it comes to unique bottle designs, this one takes the cake

unique drink designs 25 (1)

26. DNA olive oil

unique drink designs 26 (1)

27. ZenSU design is simple but effective

unique drink designs 27 (1)

28. Beat Beer bottle design

unique bottle designs 28 (1)

29. Homer design

unique bottle designs (1)

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