How Do Fish Mate? A Cool Question I Never Thought I Needed To Know


Ever wondered how do fish mate? Or how do they have intercourse underwater? Or maybe you’ve tried it already? Yes? No? Ok, not our business. Our business is to tell you how fish get it on. Actually, our business is to tell you interesting, funny, awesome, unique stuff that you probably haven’t heard before.

So how do fish do it anyway?

Anyways, let’s see how fish mate. It isn’t a difficult job at all. At least, not as exhausting as our technique is. Most species of fish have a less exciting reproduction process than ours. The females release eggs into water, males leave their sperm and they somehow meet there and that’s it, no orgasm at all. Such a pity.

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But, there are some female fish who prefer a more touch on approach. For example, sharks and rays have claspers which are similar to our reproductive organs, almost. The fish species Phallostethus is quite a very sexual guy in the fish world, as it has genitals on his head. He is a proud “guy”, apparently.  He uses the priapium, his bony organ, to grasp the female’s urogenital opening which is, as you have probably guessed, on her head. And that’s how dirty minds work.

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All in all, fish either have sex through some sort of contact in which case the fertilization of the eggs happen inside, or they do not have any kind of contact, in which case, the fertilization happens outside the body of the female.

The matter of having sex being discussed, the question is, how do female fish give birth? There are some who, surprisingly, give live births, meaning the baby fish is fully formed as a baby when he comes out. This fish species have a way of fertilizing their eggs inside, through a mating ritual that has some resemblance to the mammals’ mating. Cool stuff, right? Still not convinced?


Here is a cool video showing how do fish mate

Now you know how do fish have sex, so you can go on with your life in peace.


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