29 Adorable Guilty Dogs Who Always Get Away With Everything


I love when pets do something wrong and you get to look at them and say in that condescending voice “did you do this?” In a way, it’s kind of sad. Because you can tell a lot of animals feel real remorse when you catch them doing something wrong. But they’re so cute when they’re sorry and giving you that guilty dogs face

Sometimes they don’t even look sorry. Sometimes they just look at you as if to say “yeah, I did it. But it was worth it cause I had so much fun.” It’s so hard to get mad at an animal when they do something wrong. Their behavior, when you catch them in the act, can be so adorable and downright hilarious.

Take a look at some of these pets, caught red-handed (or should I say red-pawed?) and tell us what you think. Have you ever caught your pet doing a bad thing? Were they sorry for doing the bad thing? Also, do share pictures if you have any. Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Here’s a video of guilty dogs looking so cute


And here’s 29 guilty dogs you can’t stay mad at:

Are you terrorizing the cat again?

guilty dogs 2 (1)

I told you, you don’t have to eat my homework if it’s already finished!

guilty dogs 3 (1)

What even…

guilty dogs 4 (1)

I don’t know if I’m more mad or just impressed.

guilty dogs 5 (1)


You’re probably more mad at you than I am.

guilty dogs 6 (1)

The one on the right, definitely.

guilty dogs 7 (1)

That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

guilty dogs 8 (1)

It’s too late to say sorry.

guilty dogs 9 (1)


guilty dogs face – every pet owner knows it.

guilty dogs 10 (1)

How can you be mad at that face?

guilty dogs 11 (1)

No regrets.

dogs being guilty 12 (1)

“Please don’t be mad. I don’t even know why I did it.”

dogs being guilty 13 (1)


He can’t apologize enough.

dogs being guilty 14 (1)

Tired from doing all the bad stuff.

guilty dogs 15 (1)

Is that dirt or bulk coffee grounds. If it’s coffee grounds, I’m pissed.

guilty dogs 16 (1)

Well, Christmas is ruined.

guilty dogs 17 (1)

How can such a small animal do so much damage?

guilty dog face 18 (1)


His crime must be pretty brutal if he hides in the bathtub.

guilty dog face 19 (1)

“The human is obviously mad at me for some reason but I don’t remember. Better put on my best sorry face.”

guilty dog face 20 (1)

I’m pretty sure this pup sees nothing he did wrong.

guilty dog face 22 (1)

How?! How did you do this?!

guilty dog face 23 (1)

I’m not even mad. It takes some real self control not to eat all the cupcakes.

guilty dog face 24 (1)

Is anyone missing a sandwich?

guilty dog face 25 (1)

“I’m sorry. Look, I put myself in time-out.” 

guilty dog face 26 (1)

Again, how?!

guilty dog face 27 (1)

This dog looks like he’s got a serious drug habit.

guilty dog face 28 (1)

This is my favorite pet shaming photo on the internet. Karma took care of his punishment.

guilty dogs 29 (1)

His crime was probably eating the entire fridge.

guilty dogs 30 (1)

I’m more impressed that one of these dogs knew how to operate a can of silly string.

guilty dogs 31 (1)

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