Dad Creates Cool Post It Note Art For His Daughter Every Day For Three Years

Rob Biddulph is an illustrator. He has a daughter named Poppy that he loves to the moon and he makes sure to remind her of that every day through his cool post it note art creations.

Rob has a very creative way of showing his love for his daughter. Every day, he packs her lunch for school and draws something unique on a post it note and puts it in with her lunch. Each post-it is different and each one has a loving message for Poppy. These aren’t your average “Daddy loves you. Have a good day” notes. Rob was worried he’d start running out of ideas for drawings after the first week. In the first week, Rob drew little cartoons for all the things that Poppy was interested in. But luckily, Poppy’s interests are changing all the time. Now she’s in a Star Wars phase. I’d be so proud if my kids had my same nerdy interests as me.

Take a look at these adorable little post it note illustrations and tell us what you think in the comments section. More info: Instagram

post it note art (1)

post it note art 2 (1)

post it note illustrations 3 (1)

post it note illustrations 4 (1)

post it note illustrations 5 (1)

post it note illustrations 6 (1)

post it note illustrations 7 (1)

post it note illustrations 8 (1)

post it note illustrations 9 (1)

post it note 10 (1)

post it note 11 (1)

post it note 12 (1)

post it note 13 (1)

post it note 14 (1)

post it note 15 (1)

post it note 16 (1)

post it note 17 (1)

post it note 18 (1)

post it note 19 (1)

post it note 20 (1)

post it note art 21 (1)

post it note art 22 (1)

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