28 Relatable Quotes That Will Perfectly Describe Your Life

I see relatable quotes pop up on my facebook and Tumblr all the time. Somehow I think they were put there to make everyone feel a little more relatable, themselves. It’s as if whoever came up with them is saying to all of us “hey, it’s okay. I stay up till 5am watching Orange is the New Black sometimes too.” We’re humans and we all do weird stuff. The only thing keeping us from feeling like total freaks are other people floating around in the vast sea of the internet that are willing to admit they do the same stuff.

So if you have trouble sleeping at night because your significant other snores and ALWAYS falls asleep before you, you’re sleeping during the day instead of at night because you stayed up way too late watching Netflix, or you’re really bored and really like weird quotes from the internet, check out the most relatable quotes ever and let us know how you feel about all that.

Relatable quotes #1 Setting the alarm clock early to be sad about getting up early

relatable quotes 1

#2 I need to stop binge watching TV and do something proactive

relatable quotes 2

#3 I save a lot of energy, like all of it

relatable internet quotes 3

#4 LOL, love this relatable quote, so true

relatable internet quotes 4

#5 It’s just the basic law of Murphy, so don’t do it

relatable internet quotes 5

#6 Happens every god damn time!

relatable internet quotes 6

#7 Our kids pick up what we say quickly

relate quotes 7

#8 Because they keep everyone else up all night

relate quotes 8

#9 I can relate to this

relatable quotes 9

#10 HA! So funny, this happens to me so much

relatable quotes 10

#11 It just feels like this right?

relatable quotes 11

#12 It is creepy when you think about it.

i can relate to this quotes 12

#13 So you rather be shy? Or tell stupid jokes and do stupid things?

relate to these quotes 13

#14 I google so much during the day, it’s a wonder i get by

relate to these quotes 14

#15 Right?! Wow this is so true and relatable

relate to these quotes 15

#16 That’s what most people do

relate to these quotes 16

#17 Can you imagine? It would be a dream

relatable sentences 17

#18 Even the calender gets it, he can relate to our struggle

relatable sentences 18

#19 I do nothing for fun. Nothing

relatable sentences 19

#20 When this happen, my life will be complete

relatable sentences 20

#21 Because i will judge you every chance i get

relatable quote 21

#22 this is a good one

relatable quote 22

#23 Chips are basically air with some potato

relatable quote 23

#24 So it drives you crazy until you replace it with another song

related quotes 24

#25 Enough already teachers, leave us be

relatable qoutes 26 (1)

#26. Oh well…

relatable qoutes 25 (1)

#27. Girls do remember everything

relatable qoutes 27 (1)

#28 All of that

relatable qoutes 28

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