25 Pictures Of Super Happy Dogs That Will Make Your Day Super Better

super happy dogs feat (1)

Smile! It’s… it doesn’t matter the reason, you just have to smile! It will make you feel better in an instant. Try a little! You can’t? Don’t worry! These little, fluffy, cute balls of hair super happy dogs will help you. They’re called a man’s best friends for a reason: they always melt our hearts with their happiness, their love and their support for everything we do and say.

They are always happy with just a little bit of food, running around freely, catching the ball and belly rubs, yeees, belly rubs. Give them all these and they’re happy! Sometimes I wonder, can’t happiness be just this simple for us, humans, too? Why doesn’t it work as smoothly?

Anyways, take a look below! Your day will be better in an instant. We promise!

1. Sleepy little head

super happy dogs 1


2. Belly rubs! Belly rubs! Belly rubs are the best

super happy dogs 2 (1)

3. “I ride like a boss!”

super happy dogs 3 (1)

4. “So you say we go out to play?”

super happy dogs 4 (1)

5. Smile for the camera! This is a super happy dog for sure

super fluffy dogs 5 (1)


6. “My favourite treat?”

super fluffy dogs 6 (1)

7. Happy happy, joy joy

super fluffy dogs 7 (1)

8. “Yes! I’ve shoveled the driveway!”

super fluffy dogs 8 (1)

9. “It’s summer and I’m playing in the garden!”

super fluffy dogs 9 (1)


10. “I love the sea!”

super cute dogs 10 (1)

11. He just woke up and he’s already happy!

super cute dogs 11 (1)

12. “I’m heaven, in dogs’ heaven!”

super cute dogs 12 (1)

13. Belly rubs?

super cute dogs 13 (1)


14. “Give me the ball! I want the ball! Throw me the ball! The ball, yes, the ball, the ball makes me so happy!”

epic happy dogs 14 (1)

15. The perfect haircut award goes to… the fluffiest dog!

epic happy dogs 15 (1)

16. “Just woke up! I know I’m cute!”

epic happy dogs 16 (1)

17. Bonding

epic happy dogs 17 (1)

18. Canine love – super happy dogs taking pictures

epic happy dogs 18 (1)


19. “My parents are the best. They give me the best food and they give me belly rubs and I love them!”

super smiling dogs 19 (1)

20. Sleepy, happy nose!

super smiling dogs 20 (1)

21. “So you say we go to a walk? Let’s go!”

super smiling dogs 21 (1)

22. Happy dreaming?

super smiling dogs 22 (1)

23. “He gave me my favourite food and a back scratch. I’m super happy!”

super smiling dogs 23 (1)

24.”Hello there! Do you like my smile?”

super happy dogs 24 (1)

25. Too close to the camera? Maybe a little bit, but he wanted to show us how super happy he is, right?

super happy dogs 25 (1)

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