25 Funny Celebrity Quotes To Make You Laugh Out Loud


When you are a celebrity you get to talk a lot, all the interviews, press conferences, fans always want something to know etc. So, many of us are interested in what celebrities have to say and they get quoted very often when they share with us some of their profound thoughts.

Yet, from time to time some of these funny celebrity quotes can be heard from famous people either if they loosen up a bit and make a mistake or lapsus, or simply by being what they really are and saying what they really mean.

In the gallery below is a hilarious collection of celebrities funny quotes of that kind. Check out if your favourite celebrity said something funny and made an entry into our list of hilarious celebrities quotes.

1. This makes perfect sense! Bravo, Betty! The first funny celebrity quotes on the list and it’s a good one

funny celebrity quotes (1)


2. Jennifer Lawrence’s concept of freedom.

funny celebrity quotes 2 (1)

3. Lemonade maybe? What ever you want

clever celebrity quotes 3 (1)

4. Arnold knows what’s best for you, you better listen!

clever celebrity quotes 4 (1)

5. The worst F*CKING band name in the world!

clever celebrity quotes 5 (1)


6. Bill is the king of funny quotes!

clever celebrity quotes 6 (1)

7. Ok, this is…this is… something.

clever celebrity quotes 7 (1)

8. Jack Black’s power of an eyebrow.

clever celebrity quotes 8 (1)

9. Office is not his cup of tea… neither is cup of tea.

clever celebrity quotes 9 (1)


10. Nice to meet you, Jack!

clever celebrity quotes 10 (1)

11. He figured out life this man.

clever celebrity quotes 11 (1)

12. I agree and I could sign this quote right away.

clever celebrity quotes 12 (1)

13. Say no more, Brando!

clever celebrity quotes 13 (1)


14. One thing is missing if you haven’t noticed.

hilarious celebrity quotes 14 (1)

15. Good thinking, that’s a great strategy.

hilarious celebrity quotes 15 (1)

16. I guess we’ve all been there at some point.

hilarious celebrity quotes 16 (1)

17. You can’t love everybody.

hilarious celebrity quotes 17 (1)

18. Think about it…

hilarious celebrity quotes 18 (1)


19. Raven as a benchmark.

hilarious celebrity quotes 19 (1)

20. LOL this is my favorite of the funny celebrity quotes for sure

hilarious celebrity quotes 20 (1)

21. Yes, you’re very beautiful

hilarious celebrity quotes 21 (1)

22. Is he a Christian, that is a question…

hilarious celebrity quotes 22 (1)

23. You nailed it, Bill! Can’t stop laughing!

hilarious celebrity quotes 23 (1)

24. This is epic.

funny celebrity quotes 24 (1)

25. He’s been funny for money, not sure if it counts.

funny celebrity quotes 25 (1)

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