24 Movies That Can Be Badly Explained In One Sentence


Movies are not suppose to be easy. Most movies are complex and takes an enormous amount of time and work to complete, and if you do everything right, you just might succeed in creating a master piece that will be watched by millions. However, even the best movies can sound stupid if you try to explain them badly. Meet ” Explain A Film Plot Badly ” the hashtag that is exploding right now on Twitter and gets us laughing every single time.

1: Every Harry Potter Movie

Movies Explained In One Sentence 1


2: Twilight

Movies Explained In One Sentence 2

3: It should be a love story

Movies Explained In One Sentence 3

4: The Maze

movies explained 4

5: The Matrix

movies explained 5


6: Frozen – someone should sue her

movies explained 6

7: Star Wars The Force Awakens

movies explained 7

8: James Bond

movies explained 8

9: This movie was ahead of it’s time

movies explained 9


10: Star Wars

movies explained 10

11: Avatar

movies explained 11

12: And loses her every single time

movies explained 12

13: MmMmMmMmM Baaaaacon

movies explained 13


14: The Amazing Spider man

movies explained 14

15: Elf

movies explained 15

16: We all know Kylo is a little bit*

movies explained 16

17: The recipe to popularity in high school

movies explained 17

18: Every damn time!

movies explained 18


19: Aladdin

movies explained 19

20: The Notebook

movies explained 20

21: But i don’t want to drown

movies explained 21

22: Seriously Kylo – don’t even try

movies explained 22

23: Why are we still talking about this movie

Movies Explained In One Sentence 23

24: Whoa! So Batman is racist!

Movies Explained In One Sentence 24

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