31 Funny Animal Puns that Could Koalafy for Best Humour Ever

Funny animal puns in the house! Now, a pun or paronomasia  is a kind of word play we really enjoy. It basically exploits  the multiple meanings of a term or the sound similitudes between different words to create a humorous or rhetorical effect. If you love animals and laughing as much as you love puns, then these 31 funny animal puns will light up your spirits today.

Sometimes you just want to have a good laugh and not think about it too much. While you’re browsing through the list, just remember not to take any of these animal jokes too seriously, after all, they are all just made up for your amusement. Good funny animal puns usually consist of  image of some sort of animal, doesn’t really matter which one, and nice clever texts to go along with them. For example, you might see an image of a seal on the ground laughing his ass off with the caption ” that’s the sealiest thing I ever heard off ” get it? Sealiest instead of silliest. That’s a pun!

So now that you get it, (not that we were thinking you wouldn’t) check out the list and share with your friends!

1. Ready for a series of die-hard funny animal puns?

animal puns 1 (1)

2. Funniest animal pun in a while

animal puns 2 (1)

3. Let’s see if you know…

animal fun pictures 3 (1)

4. Careful here!

animal fun pictures 5 (1)

5. Laugh, you little, seal, laugh! The joke’s on you

animal fun pictures 6 (1)

6. That’s so ruuude and doggo discriminating!

animal fun pictures 7 (1)

7. The question is…

animal fun pictures 8 (1)

8. It happens! Be strong!

animal funnies 9 (1)

9. So cute! More funny animal puns coming your way!

animal funnies 10 (1)

10. Don’t you ever do that!

animal funnies 11 (1)

11. Abort! Abort! Cancel!

animal funnies 12 (1)

12. Cute moments with a cute otter

animal funnies 13 (1)

13. Cute Golden Retriever puns

animal lol 14 (1)

14. She’s not easily moved

animal lol 15 (1)

15. “Really? No treatos for me?”

animal lol 16 (1)

16. How dare you!?

animal lol 17 (1)

17. Read it twice, please!

animal lol 18 (1)

18.Funny animal puns in the house, the house of Pandamonium

animal fun 19 (1)

19. She’s ready to go on an adventure

animal fun 20 (1)

20. Cute, little lonely owl

animal fun 21 (1)

21. Listen to this little otter and do as he says!

animal fun 22 (1)

22. When a hawk is at a lost for words

animal fun 23 (1)

23. A gathering of funny animal puns

animal puns 24 (1)

24. Exactly! These were 24 real funny animal puns. Ready for more?

animal puns 25 (1)

25. Cuteness shall prevail

funny animal puns


26. Shh! Guard this secret with your lives!

funny animal puns

27. Our funny animal puns will go on!

funny animal puns

28. Dam!

funny animal puns

29. Well, stop that!

funny animal puns


30. A meowtain of cuteness overload!

funny animal puns

31. Ok, we stop here!

funny animal puns

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