23 Grumpy Dogs That Are Not Talking To You Any More

Grumpy dogs are not a common thing. Let’s be honest, dogs are just cute and always happy right? That’s what everyone thinks and in most cases it is also true. However, every once in a while, a dog can get grumpy, and when this happens, it’s too emotional to ignore.

We all know grumpy cat, well, he didn’t invent the meme genre, we just like him because cats are more prone to looking like they are upset or trying to kill you. Dogs are much more lovable so when we see a grumpy dog, it catches our eye. This is why the gallery below of over 20 grumpy dogs will definitely make an impact on you. And you can take that to the bank!

1. It is dangerous love, don’t be mad

grumpy dogs 1

2. Why not let him in then?

grumpy dogs 2

3. OMG that face

grumpy dogs 3

4. I’m super disappointment with you *dog

grumpy dogs 4

5. Again with these baths, what will be the end

grumpy dogs 5

6. ” So just admit it, you like the cat better than me! “

grumpy dogs 6

7. Dog is upset she wasn’t allowed to eat owner’s salad

grumpy dogs 7

8. Dog is upset that owner didn’t go up to bed at his usual time

grumpy dogs 8

9. Wasn’t allowed to chew his squeaky toy at 3 am

upset dogs 9

10. This dog is just upset about the world in general

grumpy dogs 10

11. Come on now, that costume doesn’t make you look gay at all

upset dogs 11

12. Grumpy cat you’ve been challenged

grumpy dogs 12

13. So upset he just lost all hope

upset dogs 13

14. Don’t like being tied to a pole like a homeless dog

grumpy dogs 14

15. Showers and him are not good friends

upset dogs 15

16. Upset his team lost the Super bowl

upset dogs 16

17. Too old to be upset about only one thing, pick something

upset dogs 17

18. Upset his friend is twice the size of him

upset dogs 18

19. Upset he didn’t get a back rub

grumpy dogs 19

20. I can see hell through this dog’s eyes

grumpy dog 20

21. He’s so upset he put himself up for adoption on the street

grumpy dog 21

22. The guilt is eating this little buddy

grumpy dogs 22

23. Upset because he can’t run around in the mud all day

grumpy dogs 23

Did any of these grumpy dogs had any effect on you? You must be made of stone if not.


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