22 Movie Guns Replaced With Thumbs Up Pictures Proving Tough Guys Don’t Need Weapons To Look Cool

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Every week there’s a new internet trend that comes up and totally wins the web, this time is turn of Thumbs & Ammo, a popular blog of a guy who replaced all the pictures of celebrities and movie character’s guns with thumbs up. The result is hilarious!

The site title says ” Real tough guys don’t need guns, they just need a positive can-do attitude “. You know that most of the popular movies in the world are action packed hollywood movies, and they love to use guns and explosions so there’s enough material for this blog to go on possibly forever. We have to point out that the Rambo thumbs up is one of our favorite of them all. Scroll below to see some of our favorites and if you feel you need to see more funny images of guns replaced with thumbs up, visit the official blog: Thumbs & Ammo

1: Chuck Norris badass thumbs up picture

thumbs ups movies303


2: Jon Malkovich ” Mess with me and the rabbit gets it ” thumb pic

thumbs ups movies301

3: Morpheus’s looking badass with his hands up

thumbs ups movies30

4: The other guys thumbs. A great one

thumbs ups movies29

5: Star trek thumbs on a different planet

thumbs ups movies28


6: Pulp Fiction thumbs up. I approve this movie

thumbs ups movies

7: Terminator’s thumbs. Could this be the most famous thumbs up picture?

thumbs ups movies

8: Reservoir dogs in the most popular scene

thumbs ups movies

9: Looper thumbs up, Bruce Willis sure knows how to hold a thumb

thumbs ups movies


10: Han Solo giving us the A OK

thumbs ups movies

11: Han Solo thumbs again because he’s so cool

thumbs ups movies

12: Rambo thumbs up, This is our favorite picture from the blog, hands down.

thumbs ups movies

13: Matrix mid air thumb battle

thumbs ups movies


14: Say hello to my little thumb!

thumbs ups movies2

15: Highly secret thumb 007 – shaken not stirred

thumbs ups movies

16: Mission impossible turn – even more impossible without guns

thumbs ups movies

17: The dark knight with a positive attitude. no one can handle this one

thumbs ups movies

18: The double thumb behind the back attack

thumbs ups movies23


19: Angelina Jolie thumb – badass

thumbs ups movies24

20: Jesse Pinkman is down to whatever

thumbs ups movies25

21: Daredevil is a classic character that also takes part in this

thumbs ups movies26

22: Die hard thumb keeps you alive 4 movies

thumbs ups movies27

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