22 Couples Products That Went Way Too Far


All couples love spending time together. Matching outfits and couples’ accessories are often fun to use,  but even the closest of couples agree that some couples’ gifts can go too far! Here are 22 eccentric and wacky couple’s items that might just cross the line from cute to crazy. These are some items that rate from the overly expensive, to insanely  impractical. With couples’ gifts like these, you just might want to stay single!

1: Smittens


couples products 2


2: Matching couple shirts

couples products 3

3: Porcelain tea for two cup

couples products 4

4: Fundies

couple products 5

5: The siamese slanket

couple products 6


6: The snuggie sutra

couple products 7

7: Dual seat adult tricycle

couple products 8

8: Love pairs iPhone cases

couple products 9

9: The dualbrella

couple products 10


10: Love tokens

couple products 11

11: Fondue for two

couple products 12

12: The armadillow cuddle pillow

couple products 13

13: Rocking chair for two

couple products 14


14: Love you and love you more pillowcases

couple products 15

15: Two headphones heart splitter

couple products 16

16: Property of Crewneck Sweaters

couple products 17

17: The lovebook activity book

couple products 18

18: His and hers matching whistles necklaces

couple products 19


19: Vintage ice cream spoons

couple products 20

20: The twinsie

couple products 21

21: Yin Yang couple bath

couples products 22

22: Double sleeping bag

couples products 23

Die already

couples products 24

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