19 Funny Dad Sayings That Are Basically The Meaning Of Life With a Lot Of Curse Words

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Dads are… the quintessence of wisdom, fun, wit, name it however you want it. But anytime you have an existential crisis and need some piece of advice, don’t hesitate to ask your dad. He’s been there, done that and can tell you what to do next.

He’s seen you since you’ve come out of your mother’s womb and watched you grow and fall and jump and walk and cry and laugh and God knows what. So, trust him when he says something, no matter how outrageous or silly it might sound. You can always learn something from his words.

So, let’s listen to @shitmydadsays and laugh our hearts out at these 19 hilarious dad quotes. Are you ready?

1. A man’s gotta’ do what a man’s gotta’ do

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2. Exercise is the mother of all – Dad sayings at its best

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3. Right! Say it, dad! Say it!

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4. Like two horses humping…hmm…what kind of iPhone is that?

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5. Dad’s on point all the time

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6. Yeah! The best motivation I’ve heard in a while

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7. Give me a bourbon and a t-shirt and it’s a happy new year

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8. Thinking how to give less of shit is a quite difficult operation

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9. This is a good one to tell your kid when he turns 18. You can also add a little extra “but you turned out to look decent in the end”

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10. Dad knows what being the best means

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11. Right! I can live a little with salad. Who needs bacon and other silly things like that?

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12. He’s right or not? We think he’s right

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13. Yeah, say it, dad! Say it!

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14. So, I need a vacation. You go wherever you want. I will stay here and enjoy my vacation

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15. Dad has some pretty sick comparisons

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16. Dad says it all

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17. This one I didn’t quite get it… What?!

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18. Listen to your elders, they say

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19. So, Aliens do exist. If dad says so…

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20. A cell phone is just a fancy metal box to make phone calls.

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21. Life just screwed you over

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22. Never lie again about taking a dump

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23. Let women decide if they’re out of your league, don’t decide for them.

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24. He’s a god damned dog!

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25. I don’t want to eat Kale anymore

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