Awesome Animal Ski Masks By Teya Salat


Awesome Animal Ski Masks 1

Winter is almost on a doorstep and you should start planning your winter holiday with all of the winter activities included and small details around it.The part of a kit you will need for sure, to keep your face warm while you’re enjoying magic winter time outdoors, is balaclava. And if you are a person who pays attention to style in every possible situation this is a must have balaclava to put in a suitcase before you hit the winter road.

22-year-old Russian tattoo model Teya Salat is the designer of this stylish animal-themed balaclavas which will certainly distinguish you at the slope. Pick your favourite and try to resist a wish to use it for bank robbing!

Awesome Animal Ski Masks 2

animal ski masks 3

animal ski masks 4

animal ski masks 5

animal ski masks 6

animal ski masks 7

Awesome Animal Ski Masks 8

Source: Designyoutrust

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